Water Conservation

Water might appear to be the most abundant resource in the world. It covers 71% of the planet, but yet freshwater is sadly in very short supply. 

Next to oxygen, water is one of life’s necessities. We need fresh water in order to sustain human life. However, it is estimated that the world will run out of fresh drinking water by 2040 if we don’t take decisive action now to change our ways. 

To change the tide on our current usage, we need creative methods of water conservation that everyone can get on board with. 

Here are five ways to save water that can be done easily by anyone.

1. Put a Plastic Bottle in Your Toilet Tank

This is possibly one of the most creative ways to conserve water in your home or business. 

All that you need to do to save water on your toilet flushes is to place two inches of sand or stones into a plastic bottle. Next, the bottle with water and screw the lid on. Finally, put the bottle inside your toilet tank.

By doing this, you could save up to five gallons of water each day without altering your toilet’s ability to flush.  

2. Catch Rainwater in a Water Tank

If you keep flowers or vegetables in your garden, you’ll no doubt need to water them often. Instead of using fresh water from the faucet, you should instead have a water tank fitted. 

By using a rainwater tank like The Tank Factory can provide, you’ll be able to save enough rainwater to regularly water your garden without wasting fresh water. 

3. Mend Your Leaks

If you have a leaky pipe or faucet, it could drip up to fifty gallons of water each day.

By hunting down and repairing all of your leaks you’ll be doing quite a lot to help save water.

4. Change Your Shower Habits 

There are several ways that you can conserve water when it comes to showering and bathing. 

A full bath holds around about 70 liters. Compare this to a five-minute shower which uses around 45-liters.

This means that showing saves water and for every minute you can reduce your shower by, you’ll save 9-liters. 

One way that you could save water is by turning the shower off while you soap-up. When you’re done, switch it back on to rinse off. 

5. Buy a Dishwasher 

You may be surprised to learn that washing your dishes by hand will use more water than it would do having a dishwasher do the job for you. 

Staggeringly, a dishwasher could save you as much as 5,000-liters of water each year, even more so if you buy a more water-efficient model. 

Who knew that skipping the chores that you dislike could help the environment? 

What are Your Creative Methods of Water Conservation?

It’s clear that we all need to take action if we’re to reduce the amount of water that we waste. To do this, we need to get creative with our methods of water conservation. 

What do you do to save water in your home? 

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