electric utility pole

There are only 11 years left to make massive changes in the way we power our lives. If we don’t, we face horrible environmental destruction.

Electric utility companies have a massive impact on where we source our energy. By default, they typically decide whether we use carbon creating fuels. Most energy comes from burning coal or natural gas.

But there are renewable options too. They come from resources like nuclear energy, geothermal energy, solar, wind, or water.

Here are a few of the top ways electric utility companies can be more sustainable on their own. Plus a few tips on how they can help us create a more environmentally friendly future.

Transition to Sustainable Energy

More and more sustainable energy options are developing and becoming readily available. Our energy utility companies need to follow those trends. They must provide us with clean, reliable energy.

Yes, there is a massive cost of replacing outdated technology. But in light of the environmental crisis, it’s worth it for everyone on the planet. Plus, people are willing to pay the difference to protect our planet.

As a client, let your electric provider know you want clean energy. As more people make demands, companies will be more likely to make the switch. Or they risk losing their business to other green energy companies.

Join Tree Planting Programs

Energy companies need to focus on switching to clean and efficient energy. As they do so, they can join programs that offset their carbon footprint.

Programs like these would be most useful if they planted trees. This would continue to trap carbon dioxide and release the air we breathe.

Improve Their Carbon Filtering Technology

Remember how Volkswagen got into that huge problem? Their cars were scamming the carbon-checking technology.

That technology is there for an important reason. It keeps the carbon out of our polluted environment.

Government regulations require energy plants to filter out toxins. But the technology could be better. Plants should upgrade to better technology to minimize their impact.

Better Data

Consumers love to see data about their energy use and carbon footprint. With modern technology, that information is easier to track, easier to find, and easier to use.

In some cases, we could make a massive environmental impact just by acting on data we already know we have.

This data would be especially useful in an app form. People can track energy price surges during times when energy demand is high.

They would know the most effective times to cut back on their personal energy use. It would save money in the process, and it would be more sustainable.

This company is telling people how to find free thermostats. They’ll help you lower your electric bill (and energy use.)

So we might as well take advantage of it, right?

Electric Utility Companies Have a Responsibility to Their Consumers

We know what it would take to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. But often the change seems harder than the value behind it.

Electric utility companies don’t have an excuse. We rely on them for the energy that powers our lives. We’re demanding a change, so they need to listen.

Keep checking back for more tips to create a greener planet.