There are over 367,000 HVAC and refrigeration technicians in the country. When your AC stops working in the middle of summer, you’re going to want to know how to find the right one for the job. Otherwise, you might find yourself sweating it out.

After all, summer is their busy season. Finding the perfect HVAC contractor now can save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Here are the seven tips you need to find the best HVAC technician around. 

1. Licensing and Experience

Before you choose an AC installer, make sure they have all the necessary paperwork. Ask to see their insurance, bonding, and licensing documents. The needed documents usually differ based on their location.

You might want to check their specific requirements based on the country, municipality, or state you live in. 

Different states require different certifications, including the completion of HVAC training and exams. You can also check to make sure the company has a contract license surety bond.

The bond will work as a precaution against unfair dealings. In some cases, the HVAC contractor will need this bond before they can receive their license. 

Don’t forget to check the contractor’s experience. How long has the business operated? If not long, you might want to look into another HVAC contractor. 

2. References and Referrals

Let someone else’s experience prepare you for your own. Check online ratings to determine if the contractor is affordable and trustworthy. Do they complete jobs on time?

You can check Angie’s List, the company’s Google My Business listing, or the Air Conditioning Contractors of America for these reviews. 

3. Responsiveness

You want to find an HVAC contractor who is available when you need help. Will they answer quickly when your HVAC system breaks down? Finding a responsive contractor will give you peace of mind in case of an emergency. 

A responsive HVAC system installation company can offer help for any emergency.

4. Efficiency

43% of a home utility bill is reserved to heating and cooling. Ask the HVAC contractor if they use energy-efficient equipment.

If they understand your efficiency needs, they can ensure your unit works to accomplish your energy-saving goals. Otherwise, your HVAC system could break your budget.

5. Rebates and Special Offers

Does the HVAC contractor offer any rebates? Check if they have any special offers, too.

Choosing HVAC contractors who can work with you to cut costs will benefit you in the long-run. 

6. Consumer Ratings

Next, check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Determine the HVAC contractor’s consumer rating. If you notice any complaints, consider it a red flag and continue your search.

7. A Sound Contract

Before you hire anyone, make sure to review the contract. If any promises are made verbally, including a specific quote, make sure it’s in writing.

You should also check for details about work dates, a breakdown of costs, payment due dates, and a deadline for the project. 

Cool Off: 7 Tips for Choosing the Best HVAC Contractor Around

Don’t wait to call an HVAC contractor. With these tips, you can find the help you need. Beat the heat and cool off with your HVAC contractor.

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