• Some Experimental News, A.V. Frolov
  • On the Possibility of Controlling of the Course of Time, V.P. Oleinik, Yu.C. Borimsky, Yu.D. Arepjev
  • Spontaneous Polarization of some Glasses and Inexhaustible Energy Source of Direct Current, L.G. Sapogin, Yu.A. Ryabov
  • New Fuelless Space Power Engineering, V.D. Dudyshev
  • Electrodynamic Explanation of Ball Lightning, S.B. Alemanov
  • Nature of Torsion Fields, V.V. Uvarov
  • Matter, Space and Time in Conception of Aether Field, A.M. Mishin
  • Patent Experts Now are Between a Rock and a Hard Place, V. Sharov
  • Reidar Finsrud’s Perpetual Mobile in Norway, John Pasley
  • Physical Quantum Vacuum is a Source of Electromagnetic Energy, P.M. Shalyapin
  • What is Instantaneous Electrical Communication, V.I. Korobeynikov
  • Investigation of Single-Wire Electric Power System, D.S. Strebkov, S.V. Avramenko, A.I. Nekrasov, O. A. Roschin
  • Fuelless Monothermic Engine (Invention by Y. Volodko)
  • On Viktor S. Grebennikov Discoveries. Review
  • Experimental Study of Properties of Time. Review
  • Bedini Generator, David Mason
  • Article Update for An Introduction to Gravity, Lew P. Price
  • The CIP Engine Principle, Robert L. Cook
  • The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman, Michael Williamson
  • What is RQM Technology? Review
  • Experimental Data on Time Control by Acad. A.I. Veinik
  • The Space Power Generator by P. Tewari. Review