• Frolov’s Asymmetrical Capacitors
  • Electrokinetic Apparatus by T.T.Brown
  • Patent by T.T.Brown
  • Nikola Tesla’s Later Energy Generation Designes, Oliver Nichelson
  • Highly Efficiency Electrolysis, Alexander V. Frolov
  • New Results of Development and Testing of Single-Wire Electric Power System, Prof. Dmitry S. Strebkov, Eng. Stanislav V. Avramenko, Dr.Aleksey I. Nekrasov, Eng. Oleg A. Roschin
  • Shauberger’s Engine? by Eugene Arsentyev
  • The De Aquino ELF Gravitational Shield, Tim Ventura
  • Ferrites and Ferromagnetics Free Energy Generation, Nikolay E. Zaev
  • Key Concepts for the Conversion and Control of Gravitational Energy, Glenn M. Roberts
  • Analysis of the Additional Energy Formation Processes in Vortices and Vortex Heat Generators, Dr. Alexey M. Savchenko
  • Kuldoshin’s Transformer, Review
  • Disappearance of Inertia Force Mechanical Resonances and Free Energy Work, Arkady P. Kuligin
  • F-Machine, Vyacheslav I. Boryak
  • LUTEC magnet motor-generator
  • Prof. Korotkov
  • Books
  • How to Build SOLIDmSTATE Electrical Over Unity Devices, William Alek
  • Seminar “TIME”, Moscow State University
  • Vortex DC motor
  • News
  • Valerian Sobolev’s Discovery. Review
  • Letters from Readers
  • Review on the Tilley Electric Car Recharger Promotion, Eugene F. Mallove