Are you trying to figure out ways you can travel that will save you money while also reducing your carbon footprint? There are tons of ways that you can avoid using your car daily by using greener options instead. 

Keep reading for the best way to travel sustainably. Do your part by traveling with these tips and tricks in mind. 

Greener Everyday Travel 

For manageable distances and good weather, walking or biking can be a great option for travel, in a fashion that’s healthier for both you and the planet. Many cities offer bike-share programs that allow you to pick up and drop off bicycles in certain areas for a small fee.

Do you want to get to work sustainably, but without showing up sweaty and out of breath? Consider getting an electric bike, scooter, or skateboard to get you there faster and without as much effort. For great electric transportation options, check out the ones from Boosted Wheels

Taking public transportation when available is a great way to travel like a local in a sustainable manner. Look out for buses and shuttles in your area that are alternatively fueled or electric to take your carbon footprint down another level. These can be great transportation methods to integrate into your daily life, whether you are running errands or getting to work. 

Going the Distance Sustainably 

If you’re traveling out of state, or to a location that is too far for the above options to work, there are still tons of ways you can travel greener. A more sustainable option than taking a flight is taking a train to your destination. While trains do emit carbon, they are much more energy-efficient per passenger in comparison to planes. 

When you do fly, there are some things you can try to do to fly greener. Work to select non-stop flights over connecting flights.

While nonstop flights may be a bit more expensive, they are the greener option, as a majority of fuel is used at take-off and landing. Nonstop flights will also save you time and stress that you may have when trying to make your next flight. When flying, small adjustments, such as going digital with your tickets, can help you maintain greener habits. 

When planning your next vacation, try looking for eco-friendly destinations. Locations such as Alaska, Costa Rica, and Belize make sustainability a priority, and offer tons to do and see. Taking vacations closer to where you live can help to cut down on tons of pollution and emissions. 

Best Way to Travel More Sustainably 

If you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, there are tons of habits in our everyday lives that can help. Consider integrating some of these tips on the best way to travel more sustainably to do your part in helping the environment. There are habits both big and small that you can keep in mind to live more sustainably, no matter what distance you’re traveling. 

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