Nearly 25 million tons of electronic waste has been thrown out and deposited into landfills this year alone. 

That is 25 million tons of waste that could have been recycled and repurposed. 

But many people don’t know how to dispose of electronics. Unfortunately, you can’t easily toss them into your recycle bin but there are ways to recycle old electronics.

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How to Dispose of Electronics

Disposing of electronics in an environmentally friendly way is actually easier than you think, and, in some cases, you can actually earn money on it.

Bring Electronics or Ship Them to an Electronics Recycling Center

The first way to recycle electronics is to find a local electronic recycling center and drop off your electronics. For larger items, you can often pay a small fee to have them picked up.

Alternatively, you can find a company online that will send you a bag and you can ship your smaller electronics back to them and they’ll take care of the rest. 

The best way to find a center is to simply do a Google search for the type of electronic that you would like to recycle and browse the results. You can also look at Earth911 and use their recycling solution locator to find help near you. 

Give Electronics to a Tech Giant

Instead of tossing your old electronics on the side of the road, consider donating to a tech giant as one of the alternatives to television dumping

Many tech giants like Apple, BestBuy, Sprint, and Amazon will give you gift cards in exchange for your old electronics or will simply act as a recycling center.

Some stores will only accept specific electronics, but you might get a bit of money nevertheless. For example, Office Depot and Staples have printer cartridge recycling programs that make it easy to make a few dollars off of your old cartridges. 

Donate or Sell Electronics

As the old saying goes, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”. If your electronics are still in working condition but you’ve just updated to a newer version, consider donating or selling your electronics. 

Thrift shops are hotbeds for great electronic finds and are the perfect solution for older electronics that you can’t be bothered selling.

However, if you have a newer electronic like a phone or a computer that’s still in working condition, consider selling it to make a bit of money. Sites like Swappa, eBay, or Amazon are great places to see how much other people are charging for the same device and to list your own. 

Do Your Part to Save the Earth Today

Learning how to dispose of electronics is just one piece that you can do to make the earth a little bit healthier. 

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We cover everything that you need to know to go green, from going paperless in the office to learning how to properly dispose of food waste. 

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