Most people think of large corporations when they think of businesses but small businesses are the engine running the American economy.

There are over 30 million small businesses employing almost half of all employees. Small businesses have a huge impact on the economy but they also affect the environment. 

If you think green manufacturing is only for big businesses with a huge budget, think again. It’s getting easier for small businesses to go green with sustainable environmental practices. 

What Is Green Manufacturing?

When a company works toward reducing its environmental footprint, that’s green manufacturing. It’s also called sustainability. There are several ways a company can do this:

  • Insulation
  • Atomic changes
  • Energy reviews
  • Bioplastics

Consider insulating your offices or manufacturing plants. This small change leads to a reduced carbon footprint as well as lower costs.

Atomic changes mean making tiny changes with a big impact. Next time you buy lightbulbs, get low-energy bulbs. Use less packaging for less waste. 

Look for combination products that combine one part into two. An example of this is the FilterSeals® seal design that’s both a filter and a seal.  

A basic energy audit identifies areas where you can save money and use fewer resources. Identify areas where your company wastes resources like water and electricity. Make changes that reduce waste. 

Less waste means big savings over time.  

Bioplastics are a new type of plastic made from renewable sources like corn or potatoes. 

Business Benefits of Green Manufacturing

Most managers think green manufacturing equals higher costs but that’s not the case. There are several benefits to going green. 

1. Reduced Packaging Equals Reduced Costs

By reducing excess packaging materials, you’ll reduce your costs. You won’t pay for unnecessary packing materials.

2. Reduced Shipping Costs

Less packaging results in lighter shipments which also lowers costs. The costs per shipment may seem small but over time, they add up to big savings. 

3. New Customers

Many customers prefer companies with eco-conscious standards. By going with green manufacturing policies, you’ll attract new customers. 

Surveys reveal that at least half of all consumers prefer green packaging, and over 40% will pay more for those options. 

4. Customer Loyalty and Retention

Many consumers now look for companies with higher ecological standards. That means they’ll leave your company if they find one that’s more eco-conscious. 

Turning to green manufacturing processes is another way to retain your current customers. 

5. Reduced Tax Burden

Going green saves your company money in the longterm with lower bills but you might also save on your taxes. 

There are lots of tax-saving programs with solar, wind, and geothermal technologies. Make note of any tax breaks for your company when you upgrade to solar or other eco-conscious technologies. 

Make Your Company Earth-Friendly

Green manufacturing is the future, and future generations are depending on more eco-friendly technologies and processes. Aim for less packaging and a smaller energy footprint. 

Do an annual energy audit. Invest in better insulation for your offices and plants and make small incremental changes. In the long run, the company benefits from increased customers and customer retention.

You’ll also see reduced costs over time as well as tax breaks for some eco-conscious technologies. Isn’t time to go green? 

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