Testatika Device, the Energy Marvel of Free Energy Circles

A running “free energy” machine coming from Switzerland, Europe. It was developed over a 20 years Research period by a religious group called Methernitha. This group lives in Linden, Switzerland. The head engineer of this superb machine, Mr. Paul Baumann discovered its principles while observing nature. He claims its running principle was found by studying the lightning effects from nature. The documents being offered here shed light on this energy marvel. These documents are the result of people who have witnessed this wonder machine over the years…

And here are the facts:

  • The Testatika is a rotary-type machine that runs on it’s own, once started by revolving it’s two discs by hand!
  • The machine not only runs on it’s own energy, but produces also a huge amount of excess power, at least 3 Kilo watts of power!
  • This is almost enough to supply a small home with one machine!
    The machine You see during this demo-animation is about 70cm wide by 40cm deep and is about 60cm in height!
  • It delivers from 250 volts to about 320 volts direct current, depending on the humidity in the air! At this voltage it can supply at least 10 Amperes of pulsating direct current!
  • Testatika is not a perpetual motion device, but an energy machine that collects it’s huge amount of energy from the ions contained in air. However, there are some technological secrets implemented to overcome the normal drag-resistance of conventional generators. This is but one of it’s secrets held by the Methernitha group.


There are many different sized Testatika machines, some of the smaller units deliver only about 200 to 300 watts. None of which are mass-produced. These devices are still laboratory prototype units.

People who have witnessed the Testatika claim there is no signs of fraud. That it is a true revolution in energy utilization. The technology exists and is ten years ahead of anything now available!