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We’ll begin by saying that the most eco-friendly method of garbage removal is not throwing things in the trash to begin with. That is to say, be creative and find other uses for as much “garbage” as possible.

Once you make a habit of this, we’ll bet you start seeing your wallet growing fatter too. The next thing you know, you’ll be actively searching for other habits that promote sustainability.

In this article, we’ll discuss our top five eco-friendly garbage removal practices, limiting them to those we think most people would be willing and able to adopt immediately.

5 Innovative Strategies for Garbage Removal

As a society, we’ve been recycling for a long time, and we’ve gotten better at it over the past few decades. Here are some of our favorite ways to recycle. We hope these can help save nature by becoming second nature to us!

1. Compost Whatever You Can

Composting takes some self-discipline at first–plus a little reading. Compost involves saving food scraps and other organic matter and combining it to eventually form a substance that enriches the soil.

Having a tumbler makes it easy to “turn” the compost regularly, as you need to. But composting can be done with an ordinary bin too. And if you don’t have outdoor space, you can use a worm bin inside.

2. Donate or Sell (Gently) Used Belongings

This might be our favorite way of recycling because wherever you sell or donate items, you can buy interesting new things for very little.

Here are some places to sell or donate things (and maybe buy things as well):

  • eBay: eBay takes a little work since you need to photograph your items, write descriptions, and then pack and ship the item when you sell it.
  • Goodwill: Goodwill, on the other hand, is probably the easiest way to recycle through donation, with drop-off facilities close to most people’s homes. Plus you can buy some cool second-hand stuff there too.
  • ThredUp: This is an online clothing consignment business that pays a small amount for “gently-used” women’s and children’s clothing and accessories. And they sell some very nice clothing for a low price.

There are many more places to donate or sell items you no longer want or need. Search online and see what comes up!

3. Reuse Plastic Bags and Containers

Food packaging is notorious for being tossed in the garbage–probably because most still has food clinging to it. Wash whatever you can, and if it’s recyclable, put it out for recycling, not trash removal.

Reuse plastic bags too–for example, those bread comes in or even cat litter. There’s very little that can’t be washed and reused.

And consider this: the next time you go for take-out, bring your own reusable containers (maybe even a cleaned one from your last take-out visit).

4. Reuse Paper or Stop Using It Altogether

Recycle paper and cardboard whenever you can–but try to reuse it first. Any paper with print on only one side can be used for lists, personal notes, etc. But the more adept you become at storing documents digitally, the better off you’ll be.

Not only will you save trees and avoid landfills, but you’ll also de-clutter your home and make important papers available wherever you go–and they’ll weigh nothing. The conversion might take some time, but it’s well worth it.

5. Discover New Uses for Old Things

This goes along with reusing things. But this time, it’s reusing old things by making fashionable new things. This practice is called “upcycling.” Search online for this term and see what all comes up. You’ll be amazed!

And whatever is left over after all your reuse, recycling, and upcycling efforts, if stuff simply can’t be salvaged, put it in green trash bags if necessary and have it picked up by Same-Day Rubbish Removal. It will be taken away for you.

Just remember, once it’s gone, you should work hard not to replace it with more stuff!

Gone But Hopefully Not Forgotten

Before very long, you’ll find sustainable habits becoming fully integrated with the rest of your lifestyle. Maybe garbage removal service will become a thing of the past for you. At the very least, you might start using green garbage bags.

Hopefully, you’ll do more than this, though. Achieving a goal to eliminate trash removal from your home completely might be unrealistic for your circumstances, but you can get as close as feasibly possible.

If you need inspiration and motivation, keep reading our wonderful blog!