electric trucking

Technology is changing the industry game all over the world. Our striving to find the quickest and simplest way to move products and promote high-speed, low-energy movement has created some of the world’s most fascinating inventions, including electric trucking.

In September, technologically forward Tesla will be unveiling a semi truck that they hope will change the way we see the industry and move us towards sustainable energy using electricity.

The question here is this: will it work? Although speculation is imminent and some people have been found to shake their heads at the idea, the possibility is in reach.

What are the experts saying? How could an all-electric semi truck haul goods across the country? To Elon Musk, it is more than possible.

Electric Trucking: Room for Power

If you look at a semi, you can see that the trailer they pull is large. And according to Wired, it is “big enough to hold the ginormous battery pack needed to do the job.” A battery pack to keep a semi truck going must be larger than life.

The trailer is only the first part of a semi that is perfectly capable of carrying the battery packs. A trailer’s steel rails that are used to make the frame are heavy-duty enough to carry the battery packs without any trouble.

Power in itself is not enough to sustain electric trucking and its use across the country. Instead, these electric motors are smaller and more compact than the average motor. This means smaller motors can be used for the axles of the semi, creating even more energy and useful space.

Safer Traveling

Among the benefit of extra space and less energy used, electric trucking also creates a safer traveling and driving experience for truckers.

How? If using the steel rails to support new motors and large batteries, this can improve the overall drive of the semi and improves the handling of the vehicle.

Truckers will get the benefit of less rollover and less draft on the road. The other benefit? Truckers are receiving specialized training for their electric semis. The CDL truck driver training and license is something truckers are finding useful within this new tech territory.

Speed and Agility

Tesla is known for their sports cars that drive like a dream and as if you were on a racetrack each and every time. Elon Musk has created the electric trucking semi to drive like a sports car for speed and agility on the road.

High speed and agility within the electric trucking industry could take industry and the movement of goods to a new and higher level.

Tesla, known for their technological advancements and superb inventions is ready to change the way we look at sustainable energy, both with their semi trucks and industry speed.

The Take Away:

If a company could speed up the way industry moves while reducing the amount of energy used from our resources, what could stop us? Tesla is moving towards the world of unstoppable and experts say it just might work.

In a world where technology grows yearly, we are moving towards a future where advancements happen overnight. At the forefront of this movement is electric trucking and driving the semi is Tesla.

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