Did you know that a general oven can cost you $5.85 per month, based on one hour of mixed-use a day?

Ovens are the fourth most expensive appliance in your home, after water heaters, central heating and cooling systems, and washing machines and dryers. If you want to save money and do your bit to save the planet, then you might want to upgrade your oven.

Keep reading to find out five of the most energy-efficient ovens and start reducing your spending costs today.

Things to Look Out For in an Energy-Efficient Stove

The first thing you need to do when looking at getting a new oven is to check which connection you have. Some people might have a gas connection while others will have an electric.

If you can, it is more efficient to get a gas range. Natural gas heats up faster which in turn lowers the cost of using the oven.

You’ll find that a lot of the ovens with good energy-efficient ratings say self-cleaning on them. This is because they are better insulated and thus keep the heat in better. Make sure the oven you buy has this very useful feature.

If you want a stove with an efficient cooktop, then you might also want to think about getting an induction cooktop. These use electricity and magnetic coils which helps the pan heat up quickly and keeps the other surface area cool.

Another way you can reduce your energy usage is by using a convection oven. These are believed to significantly lower the amount of energy you use when compared to a conventional oven.

The fan in a convection oven always circulates hot air in the main part of the oven, which means that your food will be cooked quicker and can be done so at lower temperatures.

5 of the Greenest Ovens Available on the Market

There’s a whole variety of green ovens available on the market right now. Don’t be disheartened if you only have an electric connection, there are many energy-efficient electric stoves available too. 

1. NEFF N70 B57CR22N0B

If you’re looking for a powerful and energy-efficient oven, then you don’t need to look any further than the Neff N70. This oven comes with 71-liters of volume, ensuring you have the perfect place to cook a whole range of dishes and cuisines.

The energy rating of this oven is A+, which is the highest you can get and it is also a self-cleaning oven. It’s great for baking and has a useful slide away door.


Not all energy-efficient appliances cost a fortune, as proved with this A+ Bosch HBG634BS1B oven. Improving efficiency, this oven is self-cleaning and comes with an impressive 71-liters of capacity.

This oven is also ideal for those who have a heavy hand in the kitchen, as the soft closing door feature ensures that you can’t damage it.


This energy-efficient oven comes with a generous 60-liter capacity, ensuring that you can create and cook up a tasty feast for all. There are many reasons why people choose to buy this cooker, not least of all because it comes with an A energy rating.

Other features and benefits of the Siemens HB578A0S0B is that it is self-cleaning, comes with 30 automatic programs (ensuring a smoother cooking experience for you), and a beautiful design that would look stunning in any modern kitchen.


The Nell N50 provides plenty of space for those who like to do a lot of cooking. And we mean a lot, with 105 liters of capacity, this oven certainly provides plenty of space for you to cook several meals all at once.

Despite being so large, this oven certainly doesn’t mean you use up more energy, as the rating of this appliance is A. Saving you time and energy, it is also and self-cleaning oven and is very easy to wipe clean after use. Another feature that buyers love about this oven is the precise settings that ensure a smoother cooking experience for you.

5. MIELE H6160BP

Last but not least is the Miele H6160BP, this large oven offers 76-liters of capacity, ensuring there is plenty of space for your food, even if you want to save more energy by cooking several meals at once.

This self-cleaning oven has an energy rating of A+ and also has a great range of eight functions that can be selected from the central dial. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient oven that ensures maximum flavor then this is the one for you, as this oven comes with moisture plus features. The moisture plus feature is particularly useful for keeping meats juicy.

Don’t forget to always try and do your bit for the environment. If you have an energy-efficient oven that is broken but can be fixed, but sure to find a professional oven repair service. This helps to minimize waste and will also save you money because buying a brand new efficient oven can be costly.

Find an Energy-Efficient Oven Now

Save money and the planet by upgrading your oven to one of these energy-efficient ovens today. There are so many different energy-saving ovens and stoves available, that not only can help save energy and money, but also can reduce your kitchen struggles and even make cleaning easier for you.

Remember to research the ovens you like the look of and see what other customers have to say about them. 

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