• Tesla, “time control” and other aspects of Tesla’s research work, Prof. Velimir Abramovic, Rotterdam.
  • Ball Lightning: description and experimental proposals, Ivan Tshinarev, Tver, Russia.
  • On possibilities of vortex energetics. News about experiments by Acad. Gritskevitch O.V. and Lisniak S.A., Vladivostok, Russia.
  • On general nature of forces and new methods to produce propulsion force by Dr. Eugene Sorocodum, Moscow, Russia.
  • Future Energy Technologies, Dr. Thomas Valone, Washington, USA.
  • Inductive conversion of heat energy to electrical energy, experiments with magnetic materials to get free electric energy from magnetic materials by Nikolay E. Zaev, Moscow, Russia.
  • There are no secrets in inertialess motion and antigravitation, Dr. Anatoly Rykov, Moscow, Russia.
  • Antigravitational wing, Ponomarev D.V. and Shibeko R.V., Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia.
  • Radio-telescope in Pulkovo receives the signals from the Center of the
  • Universe, Dr. Alexandra A. Shpitalnaya and Dr. Alexander M. Mishin, St.Petersburg, Russia.
  • Tetra-space co-ordinates, Josef Hasslberger, Rome, Italy.
  • To the question of multipolarity, Frolov A.V., St.Petersburg, Russia.
  • Gerlovin’s theory of activation, review of some experiments on the “structure activation” of matter.
  • Parametrical generation of alternating currents by N.D.Papaleksi.
  • Work, which can be produced by means of electrostatic field. Some classical effects in free energy interpretation.
  • Letters and advertisements