• Time is a Mystery of the Universe, Dr. Lavrenty S. Shikhobalov, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Experiments with a man in the Time Machine. Dr. Vadim Chernobrov, Moscow, Russia
  • Time is a physical substance, Dr. Kirill P. Butusov, St.Petersburg, Russia
  • Experimenting with time, Prof. Velimir Abramovich, “Time Institute”, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Practical application of time rate control (TRC) theory. Alexander V. Frolov, Russia
  • Irving Langmuir and atomic hydrogen. Dr. Nicholas Moller, Greece
  • Hydrogen energy. Studennikov V.V., Kudymov G.I, Russia
  • About strange effects related to rotating magnetic systems. M. Pitkanen, Finland
  • The transdimensional’s lifters experiment. Jean-Louis Naudin, France
  • On the great constant 137.036. Dr. Anatoly Rykov, Russia
  • Inertial propulsion drives. Boris D. Shukalov, Russia
  • Technical design of antigravitational spacecraft “Silver Cup”. Eugeny Kovalyov, Latvia
  • Gravito-inert mass. J.A. Asanbaeva, Republic Bashkiria
  • Propulsion from relativity effect of inertial force. Takuya Ishizaka, Japan
  • Physical properties of axion fields. Influence of axion field on hardness of pearlitic cast iron. Alexander Shpilman, Kazakhstan.
  • On the significance of conical shape of rotor in Clem’s generator.
  • On history of cold nuclear fusion in Russia of 1960s. Review.
  • Letters from our readers