• A role of alternative energy in the development of Russia
  • The invention of the atomic hydrogen furnace, W. R. Lyne, USA
  • Vortex tubes in the innovation process, A. I. Azarov, Russia
  • Artificial tornado, A. I. Azarov, Russia
  • Vortex fuel less power engineering, A. V. Frolov, Russia
  • Gravity-inertial engine, A. Chernogorov, Ukraine
  • Diagravitic effect, W. S. Alek, USA
  • Rotary electric motor from Japan
  • The lessons of history of the law of energy degradation, Yu.I.Volodko, Russia
  • Needle electrodes, A. V. Frolov, Russia
  • Mini heat power plants, Yu.S.Potapov, I. G. Kalachev, Russia
  • The law of electric circuit, Ph. M. Kanarev, Russia
  • Welcome financing, Ph. M. Kanarev, Russia
  • Permanent magnet motor, S. Kundel, USA
  • Thomas Bearden’s principle
  • Influence of aether density on the rate of existence of matter, A.V.Frolov, Russia
  • Vortex heat generators produced by AKOIL company
  • Honda’s more powerful fuel cell concept with home hydrogen refueling
  • Autothermia, E. I. Andreyev, Russia
  • The last issue of the “New Energy Technologies” magazine. Review