More than one-third of homeowners plan to remodel their homes or parts of their homes in the next two years. If you’re one of them, how do you plan to keep your home’s carbon footprint to a minimum?

One option is to rethink your home’s flooring. Hardwood floors might be all the rage, but they have a devastating impact on our planet’s lack of trees. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, can have a similar look without damaging the forests.

Of course, you have a budget to stick to as well. Use these strategies to get the best vinyl flooring prices around.


1. Gather Your Ideas

The world of vinyl flooring is vast. Do you want sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles?

Do you want them to mimic wood, tile, or other materials? What colors and textures do you want?

Before you can start bargain-hunting, get a clear idea of what you want. Pinterest is a great resource for gathering inspiration. Another trick is to do a Google image search for “kitchen” or whatever room you’re renovating.

2. Comparison Shop

Now that you have a picture of what you want, you can start exploring the ever-expanding reach of the web. You can shop anywhere, from big box stores’ sites to specialty shops for vinyl flooring.


Make sure you find out the shipping costs and factor them into your prices as you compare, though.

3. Consider the Installation Costs

As you narrow down your tile options, you need to factor in the installation costs as well. Installing tile isn’t an easy DIY project everyone can do. If you want your floors to last, you’ll want a professional.

Some tile distributors offer their own installation services. In other cases, you’ll need to hire a contractor.

To give you an idea, vinyl tile costs around $7 per square foot to install. Vinyl sheeting is closer to $3 per square foot. Of course, this varies based on your location and the professional you choose.

The installation cost also varies based on the product you choose. Some types of vinyl may be harder to install than others, so ask your contractor for their input.

4. Investigate Bulk Pricing

You might be renovating your kitchen this year, so you’re laser-focused on the amount of square footage you need for the kitchen. What happens to the price per square foot when you increase your vinyl quantity, though?

Many homeowners want the same vinyl throughout most of their home but they’re renovating one room at a time. In these cases, though, it might cost less to buy all the vinyl at the same time to get a bulk discount.

Another option is to chat with your friends and family. Does anyone else have a renovation in the plans? Are they considering a similar type of vinyl? If so, they might be willing to combine their order with yours to give you both a discount.


Hunting Down the Best Vinyl Flooring Prices

Shopping for flooring is the same as most types of shopping. To truly get the best vinyl flooring prices, it takes time to investigate all your options and find the best deal. The time will be worth it, though, when you have a beautiful floor under your budget.

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