• Testatika. Review of well-known electrostatic system.
  • Cold Fusion by Plasma Electrolysis of Water. Ph.M. Kanarev, T. Mizuno
  • Cold Fusion: What is it and what does it mean to science and society? E. Storms
  • Technical Introduction to LENR-CANR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions). E. Storms
  • It started in 1989… (History of Cold Fusion Development). P. Hagelstein
  • A Science Tutorial (Cold fusion). T. Chubb
  • LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) Experiments.
  • On Electrogravitation. A.V. Lemeshko
  • Avalanchedrive Propulsion Device. M.L. Filho
  • Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles. P. Behr, G. Schneider
  • Unusual Permanent Magnet Motors. T. Valone
  • Hydrogen Energetics. A. Pashova
  • On the Longitudinal Electromagnetic Waves. A.V. Frolov
  • Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies. T.C. Loder
  • Commercializing the “Searl Effect”.
  • Interesting Publications of the Last Year.
  • “Lifter” Project
  • New Electric Fire Technology. V.D. Dudyshev
  • New Effect of “Cold” Evaporation. V.D. Dudyshev
  • Conceptual Hurdles to New Millennium Physics. D. Reed
  • Resonant Phenomena Occurring in Alternating Current Circuit. A.V. Frolov
  • Books Review