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  • Minato Wheel. E. Vogels (Sweden)
  • Mechanism of Drive-Free motion. S.A. Gerasimov (Russia)
  • Production of Ball Lightning in Laboratory Environment. Report by A. Pashova (Russia)
  • Electric Discharge Produced into Air Half-Space. G.D. Shabanov, O.M. Zherebtsov (Russia)
  • Free Energy. A.V. Frolov (Russia)
  • Some General Properties of Matter and Energy Sources. E.D. Sorokodum (Russia)
  • Commercial Exploration of Space. Review by O. Leontyeva (Russia).
  • Prospects of Hydrogen Energetics. Ph.M. Kanarev (Russia)
  • Heater Producing Healthy Effect. A.L. Belyaeva and others (Kirghizia)
  • Inertial Propulsion Device. V.E. Senkevich (Russia)
  • Unlimited Accelerated Nonreactive Motion. Review.
  • Revolutionary Current. S.K. Baliyan (India)
  • Tilley Electric Vehicle. Review.
  • Trends in the Application of Motor-Generators. A. Akau (USA)
  • Electric Vehicle in Russia. Review by A. Pashova (Russia)
  • The Richard Clem Motor and the Conical Pump. R. Koontz (USA)
  • Spontaneous Flow Heat Pump. J.-L. Brochet (France)
  • Registration of Gravitational Waves. V.N. Petrov (Russia)
  • High-Energy Hyper-Low-Frequency Electric Field. Yu.V. Ivanko (Ukraine)
  • To the Question of Work Made by Electrostatic Field. A.V. Frolov (Russia)
  • Comments to Electro-Reactive LIFTER News.
  • Letters from Readers.
  • Advertisements
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