• An Experimental investigation of the Physical Effects In a Dynamic Magnetic System. V.V. Roschin and S.M. Godin (New energy source.  Reproduction of Searl’s permanent magnet system, 7 KWtts version. Weight loss, i.e. the antigravitation effect is about 35%)
  • Torsion technologies are XXI age technologies. Acad. Anatoly E. Akimov (Practical application of the technology for industry, telecommunications and medicine)
  • On New Energy and Political Authority
  • Calculation on the effect of many-cavity structures by Prof. Valery F. Zolotariov (This effect is a basis for  V.Grebennikov’s antigravitation system. De Broglie’s matter waves, application for aerospace systems.)
  • Quasi-Superconductive Technology for Electric Power Transmission. Prof. Dmitry S. Strebkov (Single-wire power transmission, modern version of Tesla’s experiments and its industrial application. Calculations and design, 100 KWt system)
  • Water is the Basis of the Future Energetics. Prof. Phillip M. Kanarev (Theory, design and experimental results on high efficient plasma electrolysis. 1000% effectiveness of the process)
  • Over-unity Patent of 1877 by Pavel Yablotchkov
  • The fundamentals of the new principles of motion, P. Sherbak
  • Design of an engine for free space based on the pondemotor effect. Acad. Gennady F. Ignatyev. (The Poynting vector describe the propulsion force of 60N. It is created in electromagnetic system, which can be used as drive of spacecraft)
  • The Experimental Gravitonics. Ph.D. Spartak M. Poliakov and Oleg S. Poliakov on new gravitation effects, produced by means of ferromagnetics and gyroscopes.
  • The Physical System of Artificial Biofield. Dr. Alexander M. Mishin  (Data on Ether wind detection and its properties)
  • Experiments on Change of the Direction and the Rate of  Time.Dr. Vadim A. Chernobrov (Description of Time Machine operation principles and results of the experiments)
  • On Some Properties of Physical Time and Space.Prof. Dr. Albert  I.Veinik (Experiments on advanced propulsion and energetics based on Veinik’s chronal theory)
  • The Causal Mechanics. Review on research work of Prof. Nickolay A. Kozyrev
  • Spin (axion) field generator, Alexander Shpilman
  • On the eve of the sixth revolution in physics, Dr. Atsukovsky