natural gas

Everyone knows about using natural gas to heat your home. It is eco-smart and can save you a pretty penny on your energy bills.

In 2017, surveys found that about 47% of United States households use natural gas as their main heating fuel. Only 36% of households rely on electricity for heating.

What if we told you that heating is only one of many ways that an average home can use natural gas? What is natural gas used for in your home?

We have listed our top uses for natural gas, other than for heating your home. Keep reading to learn the surprising truth!

Cooking with Natural Gas Appliances

The second most common use of natural gas is in stoves.

Chefs often prefer gas ranges because the temperature control is better and they come up to temperature much quicker.

Modern models of gas stoves use an electric ignition to get rid of the ever-lit pilot light. These models also use about 40% less natural gas than the older models.

Gas Powered Water Heater

Homes that have natural gas already plumbed into their home often also have a gas powered water heater.

A gas version is more cheap to run than the electric water heaters. Water is also heated up faster with the gas-powered water heaters.

Beware! Installation of a natural gas water heater is not easy. Instead of attempting a DIY job and risking damaging your home or injuring someone, call a professional.

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Natural Gas Clothes Dryers

Chances are, you didn’t know that some clothing dryers use natural gas to heat the air. It’s true!

Not only are gas dryers twice as efficient as electric ones, but they also dry faster! You fill gas dryers a bit less so there is more dry air flowing through the garments, cutting out much of the drying time that an electric model can offer.

By now you may have concerns about if you will use too much gas with so many appliances that use natural gas. No fear! We also have some great tips to help you cut your gas usage in half!

What Is Natural Gas Used for in the Bathroom?

Ok, so it’s not natural gas in the same form that you use in your stove, but some products have ingredients which came from natural gas.

Baby diapers use natural gas ingredients in their production for a fabric-like feel without sacrificing absorbency. Several other personal hygiene products like personal cleansing cloths have similar ingredients as well.

Even some personal and household cleaners include ingredients derived from natural gas!

Now That’s Green Thinking!

Never again will you need to ask, “what is natural gas used for?”

It’s shocking to learn how many things in your home use natural gas. The versatility is astounding! 

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