Environmentalism is incredibly important in today’s world. 60% of Americans report being worried about climate change and global warming, as of 2019. With all of the wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and tsunamis, it’s hard not to feel like something‘s going on. 

Something needs to be done about it, as well. For those of us who are concerned about protecting this beautiful world we live in, we need to consider every conceivable way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Luckily, there are so many ways we can live in harmony with the Earth. 

That even includes our driveways. Here are some options for having a more eco friendly driveway. 

An Eco Friendly Driveway Is Porous and Permeable

Think about when it’s raining outside. Imagine the path the rain will take.

Generally speaking, the rain will run down your roof which is often comprised of tar or asphalt shingles. Then it’ll make it was into the gutters and then the downspout. From there, the rain often runs down your driveway and into the storm sewers. 

This rainwater has often picked up pollutants and particulate matter along the way. This goes straight into the municipal water supply. 

Having a more porous driveway is an easy way to have a more eco friendly driveway. The water is able to slip between the paving stones and into the soil. The soil acts as a filter, cleansing the rainwater of pollutants before it makes its way into the water table. 

What Lies Beneath

Paving stones are one of the most popular green driveway options. This comes with its own limitations and logistics you’ll need to contend with. It’s more than worth it, though, considering the environmental benefit. 

Paving stones are a way to provide all of the traction and surface area your vehicle needs for traction. You’ve got to do a bit of preparation, though. You’ll need a 6″ sub-base of 1.5″ clean rock. This is then topped with a 4″ base of 3/4″ clean rock, to create a stable enough foundation for your car to drive over. 

Permeable Concrete’s Also A Great Choice

Obviously, paving stones aren’t the only way to create a porous surface for your green driveway. A lot of contractors recommend permeable concrete as well. It’s more than porous enough for water to drain but it requires a little less upkeep than paving stones. 

Permeable concrete is porous enough to allow an entire glass of water to soak through a 12″ slab. That’s more than adequate for even the most torrential downpours.

Permeable concrete is also slightly lighter in color than average concrete, meaning it produces less of a “heat island” effect. This means it absorbs and gives off less heat during the hot weather month, making your green driveway even more eco friendly. 

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Looking For More Environmental News?

Environmentalism and green living have never been more important than they are today. We are truly at a tipping point and even the smallest decisions can have profound implications for the world we’re living in. 

Now that you know more about building an eco friendly driveway, browse the rest of our Green Living articles for more ideas on how to make a positive impact.