• Over-unity electromagnetic transformer. MEG by T.E.Bearden and F-machine, Alexander V. Frolov
  • Fuel less energetics, N.E.Zaev.
  • Symmetrization of Maxwell-Lorentz equations. Experimental methods to generate longitudinal waves in vacuum, Dr. Kirill P. Butusov
  • Heat Vortex generators, Dr. Eugene Sorokodum.
  • Experimental investigations based on the model of electromagnetic solitary waves (solitons), Mikhail V. Smelov
  • N.Kozyrev’s ideas today, Dr. Shikhobalov.
  • Kozyrev on possibility of decrease of mass and weight of the body under the action of Time active properties, Review of experiments.
  • Longitudinal thermomangetic effect, Dr. Alexander M. Mishin.
  • An introduction to gravity, Lew Price and Mart Gibson.
  • The physical model of experiments made by E. Podkletnov, V. Roshin and S.Godin, Anatoly Rykov
  • Scalar Wars
  • The problem of electron and superliminal signals, V.P.Oleinik
  • Letters and advertisements