renewable energy slogans

If you hold out hope that recycling can save the planet, it might shock you to find out that more than 90% of plastic goes unrecycled. As much as green energy might seem ubiquitous, renewable energy slogans remind us that we have a long way to go. If you trace back your first awareness of energy issues on this planet, you can probably trace it back to a slogan.

Here is why we need to consider coming up with good slogans.

Convincing Big Polluters to Rethink

While there has been a lot of reporting in recent years focused on getting people to think about wasting resources, getting a handful of people to change isn’t enough. It’s true that our individual choices matter, but when 100 companies are doing more than 70% of the polluting, recycling isn’t enough. We need to think bigger and to organize.

That’s why we have slogans in the first place. When we’re out in public, we need to be reminding people to think about pollution and renewable energy. While the solutions to these problems aren’t simple by any means, simple ideas can resonate in a huge way.

When we hear the right slogan, it works its way into our heads and we can’t help but repeat it. While federal tax credits are nice, they’re not as easy to recall or to remember as “give a hoot, don’t pollute”.

Plastic is destroying our oceans even as corporations that produce plastic products are subsidized by taxpayer dollars. Meanwhile, taxpayers are paying 90% of the price tag for recycling the products that they didn’t make in the first place.

We need renewable energy solutions now. If we don’t put into place renewable solutions as soon as possible, we risk falling behind other more innovative countries who are investing in green energy.

If you want to get people around you to think about renewable energy, try out these five slogans for your button templates. They encapsulate big ideas in very simple ways.

1. There is No Planet B

If you want to hit home the fact that this planet is the only one that we have, you couldn’t do much better than this slogan. Walking around a planet where people throw away coffee cups as if they’re not made from cut down trees, it can seem hopeless. People all over the place are living as if there’s a second planet we can hop a rocket to when we need to.

Thinking about life and the ecosystem as fragile and temporary is an important reminder to all of us that life is very precious. When we treat the planet as if it could be discarded without any consequences, we treat our Mother Earth as if we had a backup plan.

The fact is that this is the only planet we have and it’s imperative that we treat every living creature, plant, animal, and microbe as if we couldn’t live without it. The fact might be that we can’t

2. Join the Revolution and Stop The Pollution

There’s no doubt about it. The renewable energy movement is a revolution in a number of ways. We’re revolutionizing how we create energy, how we store it, and how we reuse it.

If you’re the first person on your block to install a solar panel, you’ll be seen ass a revolutionary. Companies are starting to commit to getting rid of plastic straws, charging for plastic bags, and are giving back to the environment. Even if they don’t exactly scream of having revolutionary values, they’re doing the right thing.

When things don’t seem alright, it’s important that we have the will and the focus to demand changes and call for a revolution to the status quo. This slogan can work for big companies or for small communities who are dealing with trash burning or dumping in the local river.

3. Trees Don’t Grow On Money Either

We all know the common phrase stating that “money doesn’t grow on trees.” However, when considering what we’re going to do about the future of our planet, we need to realize that the inverse is true. We can’t buy our way into another environment.

This one can get people to think a little bit more deeply that in fact, the pursuit of profit and wealth isn’t worth the cost. If we’re spending money cutting down trees to burn for fuel, we’re not going to get back what it’s costing us. Since we can’t replace the trees that are used to make the money, we lose out in the end.

It’s good to remind people of that.

4. The Future Will Be Green Or Not At All

While this slogan seems unnecessarily reductive, it’s not wrong. If we don’t make the effort to make our future green and renewable, we may have no future at all.

Depending on where we live, the sea level could be rising to such a degree that our homes will be underwater in just a few decades. Along with this sea level rise, we’re seeing a warming of our weather that will lead to fewer places on the planet is inhabitable.

5. Every Day is Earth Day

When Earth Day was started in 1970, it began as a day to remind everyone that the planet mattered. Instead of tossing garbage out the window while speeding along the highway, people were encouraged to think twice.

Even with all of that awareness, we haven’t stopped the growth and expansion of our use of non-renewable energy and resources. If we want to survive, we need to think of every day as a reminder that our planet matters.

Renewable Energy Slogans Still Work

While it might seem that the same old renewable energy slogans might not be as important as they once were, most are still relevant. Even as we’ve moved away from wood stoves and gas-guzzling cars, we still have too many people using wood pellets and commuting alone in their car. If we’re not finding renewable solutions for all of these things, we do so at our own peril.

If you’re looking for some tips on how you can live a more eco-friendly life, check out our guide here.