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Biking infrastructure in major cities across the entire continent has improved greatly in the past few years. However, the majority of North Americans still don’t want to bike to work.

Some long commutes don’t allow for biking, but there are many commute routes American’s make on a daily basis that can be turned into a pleasant biking experience.

Cycling to work won’t only benefit you, it can have lasting effects on the planet, too.

If 30 million people in suburban America replaced only half of their short car trips with bike trips, they could save our environment from four million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 1,100 lives, and $7 billion in health care costs.

Let’s dive into 4 reasons to buy and use a commuter bike:

Healthier Life with a Commuter Bike

Biking is a fantastic aid to your cardiovascular system. Biking on a regular basis has proven heart health benefits, not to mention the calories you can burn on a single ride to work!

Biking can burn as many calories as running and jogging and has considerably fewer negative impacts on the joints. Lowering your blood pressure and boosting your energy through a ride to work can be an invaluable part of your fitness routine.

Sneaking your work out in while getting to work is deceptively easy. Your body won’t even realize it happened. Consider some of the best hybrid bikes 2017 when choosing which option to go with.


Biking to work on a commuter bike can save you a lot of money. American households spend almost $9,000 on gasoline and motor oil, not to mention parking costs and vehicle maintenance yearly. That can be cut in half with commuter bike rides!

If you just bike ride 50% of the time, you’ll save majorly at the end of the year. Think of all the different places you can put that money. Not only will biking save you some dough, it can actually help everyone.

When cities invest in infrastructure it yields savings by cutting health care costs for a city and its residents too.  Employers who invest in city bike culture as money is generated for the wider biking industry can also benefit from this.

It’s Easy

Using a commuter bike isn’t inconvenient. In fact, you can cut minutes out of your day looking for parking and put them back into time at home. Using a commuter bike will allow you to chain the bike up almost anywhere and get on with your day.

You also won’t get stuck in traffic jams and you won’t have to deal with the normal delays that cars do.

Go Green

Biking has monumental health positives for the planet. It also can benefit your health by giving you exercise on a more regular basis. It’s a safe option as cities create incredible biking routes. It’s also a money saver.

Putting your extra savings you’ll gain on a yearly basis towards paying off your home or maybe a vacation will leave you happy you chose a commuter bike.

The more cyclists on the roads, the safer they will be. Experience complete freedom by biking to work. To learn more about how you can help the air quality and the earth’s energy, click here!