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There’s no doubt about it, the world is going green. And as a result, consumers are beginning to take a second look at the products they use every day, with 81% of respondents to a Nielsen survey saying that businesses have a responsibility to improve the environment.

Whether you’re starting your green journey or you’re already a composting expert, spreading the word about your efforts can help you win a bigger audience.

Keep reading to learn how environmentally friendly companies can make a difference through their branding!

What’s Green Marketing?

Green marketing might sound like a strange term if you’ve never heard it before, so let’s take a look at what it actually means. According to Investopedia, green marketing is the process of increasing brand awareness through eco-friendly means or by reducing environmental impact.

Climate scientists suggest that the environment is changing at an irreversible rate and that if we don’t begin taking crucial steps now, the planet may be doomed. Taking a stance now matters more than ever.

Eco-Friendly Marketing Tips

With the environment becoming a bigger issue, companies may wonder how they can use green marketing in their branding efforts.

Here are a few basic ways in which companies can lessen their carbon footprint while increasing profits!

Rethink Your Packaging

Packaging accounts for over 80 million tons of waste. Think about what that means for our oceans and rivers.

To help, use recyclable packaging for your products instead of plastics. Not only will you help the environment, but you’ll likely save a few dollars in the process since cardboard is a low-cost packaging option.

You can also rethink your physical advertising by utilizing this marketing strategy. Combining physical and digital media looks sleek and creative while cutting back on waste.

Be Transparent

It’s great to take steps toward becoming a greener company. But your customers need to see your efforts first-hand.

Part of your marketing strategy should include providing specific information on how your company is looking to make a positive impact. Don’t worry about bragging. You’re doing something worthwhile and your audience deserves to know about it.

Create blogs or videos that detail the changes you’re making and how they’re transforming the workplace around you.

Source Locally

Whenever possible, partner with local businesses for your materials. Staying local cuts down on emissions from freight trucks and planes. Plus, you can feel good about helping your local economy.

This is a win-win strategy. It saves you money, helps the environment, and gives you brownie points with your consumer base.

What Environmentally Friendly Companies Need to Know About Green Branding

In the coming years, environmentally friendly companies will become the norm. The sooner you adjust, the sooner you can start taking advantage of green marketing.

Start today by thinking about how your company can lessen its carbon footprint.

If you’d like help coming up with more ideas, be sure to check back with our blog!