• Commercialization of alternative energetics, Alexander V. Frolov, Russia
  • Potapov’s molecular engine and water vortex heat generator
  • New Products: Autonomous electrostation with molecular engine
  • Magneto-hydrodynamic motor, S. Gerasimov, Russia
  • Inertial drive, E. Linevitch, A. Ezov, Russia
  • Plane Earth as electromotor-generator, V. Dudishev, Russia
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  • Semiconductor electromagnetic energy transformator, A. Zerniy, Ukraina
  • Prof. Alfred Evert’s research, Germany
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  • Vortex drive, Alexander V. Frolov, Russia
  • Magratten’s magnet pulsed DC motor-generator
  • Over unity propulsion of zero potential casing asymmetric capacitor system, Nassikas A.A.
  • On the nature of electrical force interactions, Alexander V. Frolov, Russia
  • New products: Water vortex heaters, prices and technical data
  • Antigravity Secret, Tim Ventura, USA
  • Information about CD “NET 2001-2004”