organic dog toys

If you’re trying to be green and buy organic, then buying toys for your pet dog shouldn’t be any different.

Are you finding it difficult to find organic dog toys?

We’re going to guide you through the many fantastic top 5 organic dog toys that will keep your canine pal entertained for hours.

Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful products available!

1. West Paw Design

The pet products produced by West Paw Design are fun and playful. And of course, most importantly, made with organic and recycled materials in a sustainable fashion. They produce toys made out of a variety of sustainable materials.

These range from rubber toys are made from their exclusive recyclable material called Zogoflex(R). Zogoflex(R) is described as a “bendy, stretchy, bouncy material” by West Paw Design.

The soft toys contain a recycled plastic material called IntelliLoft(R), which is exclusively sold by them and an ecological-fiber. They are also machine washable.

2. Eleanor and Milo

If you buy products on Etsy, then Eleanor and Milo offer beautiful, hand-made and organic pet toys.

They are made from the remnants of fabrics from a local furniture manufacturer in North Carolina. And if you’re hound likes to stand out from the pack, then these custom and uniquely made toys are perfect.

On top of this, they donate 5% of the proceeds to the animal rescue and rehabilitation.

3. Harry Barker

It’s not always easy being a animal lover and eco-friendly consumer. However, Harry Barker makes it easy.

It boasts a wonderful collection of dog toys for consumers who value organically sourced and sustainable products. For example, the chew toys made from rope materials are produced from recycled cotton yarns.

You can even leave your pet dog on his own to play with a Harry Barker toy with the best wireless dog fences. Check out this comprehensive Pet Lover Guy review of the wireless dog fences on the market.

4. Honest Pet Products

According to Honest Pet Products, they have 3 principles that dictate their business – “to be true to our pets; to be true to our planet; to be true to our people.” What’s not to love about this company?

Their pet toys are made from organic hemp. They offer a great range of designs as well. One of their most popular toys is the Eco Owl Buddy, which is made from organic hemp and wool.

You can be guaranteed that none of the products are free of toxins, lead or chemicals.

5. Organic Dog Toys at Buck Bones Organics

What is more organic and natural that Elk antlers that are naturally shed? Every year the people from Buck Bones Organics collect and make the ideal environmentally- and dog-friendly toys. Their toys are packed with calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and manganese.

The companies that manufacture these organic dog toys certainly have the welfare of your dog and the planet at the heart of what they do.

Now you know the top dog toys on the organic market, you can buy the toys to make sure your pet dog is as eco-friendly as you.