The effects of global warming don’t always seem logical.

On one hand, rising temperatures melt ice caps, creating more liquid water and rising sea levels. Coastal cities are seriously at risk of going underwater. At the same time, people living in deserts and dry regions all over the world face a looming water crisis.

Another major environmental crisis making headlines right now is carbon emissions and other pollution from fossil fuels. Zero Mass water offers a solution to both of these problems.

Here’s what you need to know about Zero Mass water condensers.

How Zero Mass Water Condensers Work

Zero Mass is a company founded by Arizona State University engineering and materials science professor Cody Friesen. In the United States, Arizona is one of the states most affected by rising temperatures and water loss.

To solve the problem, Friesen invented a device that makes use of water vapor in the air. Its use of environmentally-friendly solar energy makes it even better.

Source Water Solar Panels

The Zero Mass system uses special solar panels called Source water panels.

The panels have three strips on the front. The middle strip absorbs solar energy, while the other two panels harness the sunlight’s heat.

Inside the Source panels is a material that absorbs water vapor in the air. Most people know that vapor as humidity.

Harvesting Water With the Power of Condensation

Once the Source panels absorb humidity, they release the water into an attached tank.

They do this using the process of condensation. When water vapor hits a cool surface, it turns into liquid. The solar-powered system cools the vapor to make liquid water.

The resulting water is free of minerals that people need for health. For this reason, the water runs through a mineralizing filter before going into the tank.

What to Do With the Product

Zero Mass owners have a great opportunity on their hands. First, they’re protected against the global warming water crisis. A second benefit is saving money on water they otherwise buy from the store or the utility company.

The Zero Mass system has a 30-liter reservoir built-in. It generates two to five liters of water every day, depending on how humid the air is. If the water isn’t used up every day, that reservoir fills up fast. 

Users can buy a separate water tank for the excess. Arizona and other desert states often have both water shortages and wildfires. For this reason, fire water storage tanks are the perfect option.

Using one of these tanks protects the water supply from fire. It also creates a reserve that firefighters can use against the fire itself.

Guide Your Construction Projects

Now that you know about Zero Mass water condensers, you can buy one for personal or common usage. If society keeps taking steps to reduce climate change, Source and Zero Mass will be household names.

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