Fruits and Leafy Greens on a Basket

We’re constantly thinking about what we eat all the time when we talk about diet and trying to be healthy. Did you know where your food comes from can also have a huge impact on your health?

Creating a sustainable lifestyle is something that many people strive for and that can start with an eco-friendly diet. 

If you’re a beginner, then you might not know what exactly that entails. Luckily for you, we’ve put together the perfect list to help you start a new eco-friendly diet and change your lifestyle. 

Keep reading for our guide to five tips on how you can start an eco-friendly diet for beginners. 

1. Farmer’s Markets Are Your Friend

One of the best tips for starting an eco-friendly diet is to buy fruits and vegetables that are grown locally to you. Your number one stop to find them is at farmer’s markets in your area. 

By shopping at local markets you can help support your community and keep farmers growing awesome sources of food for you. Plus, the farmers market is a relaxing place to go to on the weekends!

2. Eat Less Meat

We all know that meat is one of our number one sources of protein but when you buy it from the store it can be filled with antibodies that can hurt the animal as well as the people who eat them. 

A way to avoid this is to look for organic meat or go out to the pasture to buy it. 

Overall, we should try consuming less meat. If you can’t give it up completely, then try to go one day without eating meat each week. 

3. Stay Local When Eating Out

Eating local food is one of the best ways to help out your community and get some delicious foods. Opt for a restaurant that you know choose ingredients that are farm to table. 

If you’re looking for something quick, then make sure that you go somewhere with eco friendly fast food packaging.  This way you can be confident in your choice to eat out.

4. Change Your Diet

One reason you might be looking into an eco-friendly diet is that you’re not happy with the current way you’re eating. The benefits of eco-friendly food will help to improve your body as long as you’re ready to change your diet. 

You might find yourself cooking at home more meaning that you’ll want to buy more fresh foods. Changing your diet will be a staple when trying to be eco-friendly. 

5. Reduce and Reuse

An eco-friendly diet is a way of life, so you’re going to want to find a good balance when it comes to cooking your meals.

Either plan to cook extra food so you have leftovers to eat for another meal, or cook less food so you don’t have any food waste.

Cooking extra food so that you don’t have to cook another day can help save on energy which is great for the environment. Yet, you also don’t want that extra food to go to waste so make sure that you plan to eat everything! 

An Eco-Friendly Diet Is a Lifestyle

If you’re trying to start an eco-friendly diet, then you should know that it is a lifestyle change more so than a diet. You’ll find that you’re making a difference for not only your body but also the planet we live on. 

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