Current U.S. Classification: 600/2; 252/517; 252/644; 313/48; 313/54; 313/483; 607/90

Patent number: 1466777
Filing date: Sep 6, 1921
Issue date: Sep 4, 1923

Be it known that I, Louis WINKELMANN, a citizen of the United States, and residing at Hoboken, in the county of Hudson and State of New Jersey, have invented certain new and useful Radioactive Vacuum Tubes, of which the following is a specification, such as will enable those skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to the treatment of what are known as diseases of the blood or circulatory systems, such as cancers, tumors, ulceration of the stomach and similar diseases, including what are known as skin cancers and rodent ulcers deep-seated or otherwise, or any other disease originating through or by reason of poisonous or deleterious substances in or carried by the blood.

Diseases of the class specified may occur in any part of the system or body, including the skin, and the result thereof will depend on the method of treatment and when such treatment is begun.

It is a wellknown fact that the growth or development of the blood deposits, above referred to, or the diseases resulting therefrom, whatever they may be, may in some cases begin soon after the deposit or deposits have been made, but in other cases the said deposits may be enclosed by a fleshy or fibrous growth in the manner of an ordinary cyst, in which event the growth of development of the disease may be carried on for a number of years, before the disease will assume a malignant type if at all; and this is usually the result in the case of deep-seated rodent and certain other forms of ulcers, and also what is known as skin cancers or ulcers.

The object of this invention, or one of its objects, is to break up, kill or destroy the said poisonous or deleterious substances either while they are in the blood, or after the deposits herein referred “to have been made, or after the growth or development of the disease has begun, and to cause the dead material thus produced to be carried away by the blood and other circulatory agencies involved in the circulatory system, and discharged or eliminated from the body in the manner of other substances of this class, by natural processes, and thus permit the healing of the affliction or afflictions by natural processes.

The means or apparatus which I employ involves a vacuum tube or bulb of any desired form, which may be constructed in the manner of an ordinary crook’s tube or in any known way, and in reducing my invention to practical form, I place in or fill said tube with a broken up or finely divided or granulated ore or ores containing a radioactive substance or substances, such as radium, thorium, uranium, phosphorous, pitchblende, or the like, which ores may be obtained at a comparatively small cost. The tube or bulb is also provided with a terminal electric pole or poles by means of which an electric circuit wire or wires may be connected therewith, and by means of which an electric current may be directed into said tube or bulb and into the material therein, or into, and through said tube or bulb and into and through said material, and the electric terminal or terminals, or pole, or poles are preferably made of platinum, aluminum, tungsten or the like and; in practice, the electric current passed into said tube or bulb and the material therein, or through said tube or bulb and the material therein is preferably of high voltage, and in this operation the tube or bulb and the material therein is heated to such an extent as to produce a fluorescent or luminous effect or appearance which causes said tube or bulb to give off emanations or rays.

The anode pole or poles will produce what are known as alpha or electric positive rays, while the cathode pole will produce what are known at beta or electric negative rays, and these rays neutralize each other and form ether waves, called gamma rays, or neutral rays, which pass out of the tube or bulb in the form of emanations, or emanation rays, which have a-beautiful green and luminous color and possess great powers of penetration, exceeding, in fact, the penetrating powers of the X-ray, but said emanations or electric gamma rays are harmless, and may be used, if desired, to produce clear radiograph pictures.

The emanations or electric gamma rays are composed of myriads of infinitesimally small neutral ions which have the peculiar faculty of passing through all substances, including insulating material such as rubber, glass or the like, and these emanations or rays will pass into the human body and the said emanations or rays are also … click image below to see full patent.

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