It is expected that by 2021 over 60% of new building projects will be striving for green building.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the building will be green in color. ‘Green’ means that the materials and processes used in the building are sourced using less wasteful techniques, or the building was designed using features that will use less energy, for example, a green roof. 

Homes can be both comfortable and good for the planet! This is how eco-friendly houses can be a reality.

What Has Gone Green?

34% of people in 2018 were looking for sustainable solutions in construction.

The first place to look for changes is in the design phase of the building. When designing eco-friendly houses it’s important to think about the entire space. Where will the windows be placed? What angle will the sunlight hit the house, is there any option for a green roof, what about solar panels? 

It’s important to think about how every part of your external can always help your internal house. Ideas like the Earthship have shown techniques for heating and cooling that use the sun’s radiant heat for the home, making more eco-friendly houses because they use as much energy.

The next best thing to do for eco-friendly houses is to think about insulation. A well-insulated home will hold the temperature of the home more consistently. It will also prevent leaks and problems down the line. It’s important that when building eco-friendly houses you go with a service you can trust, like JWS Construction LLC. The better insulated you are, the cozier your home will feel. 

What Else Can Be Done?

Did you know you can garden on the roof?

A green roof is a great way to grow things with minimal effort. It also helps to keep your home cool. By growing vegetation, plants or other things on the top of a roof, the eco-friendly houses will be taking in less sunlight because the vegetation will be using it, and instead of a dead zone, new life will take over making it better for the entire surrounding ecosystem.

Construction companies have begun to use recycled and repurposed materials. Lumber, plastic, and glass are just a few of the options available, with new products like Hempcrete being tested for viability as well. In today’s time, where environmental action is needed, the eco-friendly houses of today no longer need to look or feel different from any new home.

Going Green

Are you asking yourself, what about solar panels, windows, and fixtures?

Well, all of the above and more can be made green! Eco-friendly houses are no longer just for the eccentric or insanely wealthy, an eco-friendly house could even save you money down the line. With less energy consumption, fewer materials to replace, and the ability to grow your own food on your house the options are unlimited. Eco-friendly houses allow you to build the home of your dreams, with the lifestyle you have always dreamed of around it.

The best thing we collectively can do for the planet is to cause as little harm as possible. With eco-friendly houses not only are you getting a beautiful home, but you are also helping the planet.