• Single-Wire And Wireless Electric Power Transmission. N.V. Kosinov and others (Ukraine)
  • The possibility of almost complete transformation of thermal energy into mechanical one. S.N. Doonaevsky (Russia)
  • Inventor Club. Review. Vector Propulsion Engine (Electromagnetic Version). A. S. Tukanov (Russia)
  • Inertial Dynamic Generator. S.N. Schmidt (Russia)
  • Latent Potential Energy of Electrical Field. V.D. Dudyshev (Russia)
  • News
  • Energy from Air. M.P. Beshok (Russia)
  • A Parade of Gravitational Aircrafts. V.A. Chernobrov (Russia)
  • Energy from vacuum. Review
  • Meeting of Nobel Prize Laureates in Saint Petersburg
  • Perpetual Motor With Magnetic Control Elements. Review
  • Who Needs The Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion? I.B. Kalugin (Russia)
  • Fuel cells. Edwin Cartlidge (USA)
  • Free Energy. Thomas F. Valone (USA)
  • Secrets of Nicola Tesla’s Experiments. S.S. Makukhin (Russia)
  • Alternative Cold. Review
  • High-Efficiency Technology of Magnetic Cooling. E.N. Tishina (Russia)
  • News
  • Interference Disc Electric Generator. Alan L. Francoeur (anonce of the future article) (Canada)
  • Howard Johnson and his Motor. Review
  • Bogomolov’s Centrifugal Generator. V.I. Bogomolov (Russia)
  • News
  • Magnetic Motor. A.V. Vydrin (Russia)
  • Anomalous Hydrogen Reactor “Omega”
  • Gravitational Shielding. Harald Chmela (Austria)
  • Conception of Magnetic Gas