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Magnet Motor Free Energy Generator: Do they Really Work?

To understand what a magnet motor free energy generator is and if they even work, we should first take a closer look at the specifics of energy and what a generator is capable of doing. A magnetic motor (or magnetic

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Military Depleted Uranium Medical Handbook

MEDICAL MANAGEMENT OF RADIOLOGICAL CASUALTIES HANDBOOK Military Medical Operations Office Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute Bethesda, Maryland 20889–5603 December 1999 DEPLETED URANIUM Depleted uranium (DU) is neither a radiological nor chemical threat. It is not a weapon of mass

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Patent GB231247 by Serafino Orlando

Improvements in and relating to improved means for utilizing electro-magnetic radiation and atmospheric electricity for transmitting and generating power 231,247. Orlando, S. Jan. 3, 1924. Aerials and like radiating and receiving conductors.-Energy in the form of electromagnetic waves, or electrostatic

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New Process for the Generation of Electrical Energy

Free Energy Common Thread by Bruce A. Perreault There appears to be a common thread shared between several alternative energy devices. It is the pre-glow discharge. The report on the Hans Coler device released by the British Government indicates that there is

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Alfred Hubbard & Lester Hendershot’s Energy Inventions

The Hubbard energy transformer By Gaston Butridge The mysterious device was said to turn radio-active rays directiy into electricity — and run big motors. Recently I spent an evening with a scientist close to atomic energy developments. And to be

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The Synergetic Theory: A solution to the energy crisis

PROTELF – (PROTon – ELectron – Fusion) Rene Louis Vallee, Nuclear Physics expert It is well known that in nearly all cases in which a nucleus is unstable toward β+ – decay, it is also found to undergo another type

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Intensifying Radio Signals with Radium

THE ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER Some most interesting facts regarding the effects of Radium on wireless telegraph receiving apparatus have been given recently by E. Bemier, a German scientist. On the results of Szilard with radium-coated lightning conductors becoming known to the

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The world of whirling electrons

At the root of all natural phenomena are the electrons, in incessant motion. The powerful electric currents that drive our machines, radio waves, light rays, are at bottom but electronic motions. Our Electro-Atomic Universe By WILLIAM GRUNSTEIN, E. E. We

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