Radiant Energy System by Fischer

<< See First Page Fig. 6 shows a simple hook-up embodying the principles involved in the improved full-wave rectification of radiant energy waves in accordance with this invention. The principles there76 of will be explained so that they may be

Magnetic motion electrical generator

Inventor: Mario Pasichinskyj Primary Examiner: Kristine Peckman Current U.S. Classification: 323/362; 323/330; 324/117.00R; 336/110; 505/879 International Classification: G05F 700 Patent number: 4904926 Filing date: Sep 14, 1988 Issue date: Feb 27, 1990 A magnetic motion electrical generator includes an electrical

Efficient power supply suitable for inductive loads

Inventor: Edwin V. Gray, Sr. Primary Examiner: Jeffrey Sterrett Current U.S. Classification: 363/33; 323/207; 323/228; 323/291; 363/94; 363/110 International Classification: H02M 342 Patent number: 4595975 Filing date: Oct 18, 1984 Issue date: Jun 17, 1986 Claims An electrical driving system

Semiconductive properties of uranium oxides

ABSTRACT Semiconductors that are based on uranium dioxide (or other actinide compounds) appear possible and could offer significant improvements in performance as compared to conventional Si, Ge, and GaAs materials. The energy band gap (forbidden band gap) for uranium dioxide

Efficient electrical conversion switching tube suitable for inductive loads

Inventor: Edwin V. Gray, Sr. Current U.S. Classification: 315/330; 313/601; 313/602; 313/604; 315/261; 315/335 International Classification: H01J 1104; H01J 1348; H05B 3700; H05B 3900 Patent number: 4661747 Filing date: Oct 25, 1985 Issue date: Apr 28, 1987 Disclosed is an

Pulse Power Switching Devices

*************************************************************************** Pulse Power Switching Devices – An Overview By John Pasley 24/9/96 Copyright John Pasley 1996. This document may be freely distributed via. Any means in part or in whole, however the authors name must be included and correctly attributed.

Gas Rectifier Tube

Gas Rectifier Tube: Rectifier tubes of this type contain air at low pressure. They operate as a rectifier of electric current because the surface area of the spiral electrode is much greater than that of the small electrode facing it.

Badioactive vacuum tube

Inventors: LOUIS WINKELMANN, LOUIS WINKELMANN Current U.S. Classification: 600/2; 252/517; 252/644; 313/48; 313/54; 313/483; 607/90 Patent number: 1466777 Filing date: Sep 6, 1921 Issue date: Sep 4, 1923 Be it known that I, Louis WINKELMANN, a citizen of the United

Reactance Charts

Rare Crystal Information

In the early days of Broadcasting, “Crystal” receivers were very popular with the general public on account of their comparative cheapness and ease of construction. As a matter of fact a crystal receiver is the most simple form of wireless

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