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Exotic Research New Generation

Exotic Research Report (V2N2, Apr/May/Jun 1998) Historical Background  The quest for radiant energy is not new. In fact, the Father of the 20th Century… Nikola Tesla experimented quite intensively with radiant energy and even devised a device to capture cosmic rays. Later, Tesla’s

Genie in a Jar – The “Discovery” of Cold Fusion

Genie in a Jar The “Discovery” of Cold Fusion by A.K. Dewdney 1997 On March 23, 1989, chemists Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons stood the world of science on its head by announcing that they had achieved what hundreds of

Radio Apparatus by Chancy J. Britten

Method and Apparatus for Accumulating and Transforming Ether Electric Energy Specification Department of Commerce, United States Patent Office To all persons to whom these presents shall come, Greeting: This is to certify that the annexed is a true copy from

Chancy J. Britten – Radio Apparatus

Chancy J. Britten – Radio Apparatus – patent 1,826,727 Inventor: CHANCY J. BRITTEN Original Assignee: BRITTEN LIGHT a POWER COMPANY Current U.S. Classification: 455/281; 455/343.1 Patent number: 1826727 Filing date: Apr 30, 1928 Issue date: Oct 13, 1931 This invention

The Amazing Bug Battery

THE AMAZING “BUG” BATTERY By D. S. HALACY, JR. Want to build a biological fuel cell? Fantastically economical, they’re the power source of the future Illustrated on this month’s cover is a radically new kind of power converter called a

K-Capture Generator

Solid State K-Capture Generator Technical paper was obtained from Rex Research, and edited by Bruce A. Perreault on 12-06-99 The Solid State K-capture Generator is a computer controlled system that utilizes the “K-Capture” principle to create electrical energy. K-capture has

Will helium-3 Become a Fuel Source for The 21rst Century?

Artemis Data Book 2.9 Fusion Power from the Moon Lunar Helium-3 as an Energy Source, in a nutshell Gregory Bennett The Setting For the purposes of this discussion, let’s assume that the helium-3 fusion plants have been proved out, and

Ognyanov Free Energy Device

Download PDF version of patent US3766094

New Process for the Generation of Electrical Energy

GB Patent No. 121,561 Benitez, C. April 10, 1918. Systems of charging and discharging galvanic batteries.-In an electric supply system comprising two sets of galvanic batteries, one set discharges to perform useful work and to charge the other set by

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