Finding eco-friendly jewelry brands that are dedicated to fair wages, sustainability, fair sourcing, and programs that give back to other people can be tricky, especially because there are so many misleading brands in the jewelry industry.

That’s why we’ve created this guide with five eco friendly jewelry brands that deserve to be a thoughtful addition to your jewelry collection! Keep reading to learn more about eco friendly jewelry brands that we should treasure for the rest of our lives. 

 1. Clean Origin

Eco friendly diamonds are the source of passion for Clean Origin. This eco-friendly jewelry brand has taken tremendous strides to find an alternative to naturally grown diamonds. This is because lab made diamonds are eco-friendly alternatives to natural diamonds.

Not only do their eco-friendly diamonds consume less water in the manufacturing process than mined diamonds, but they also use less energy, produce less carbon, less sulfur oxide, and create less mineral waste than traditional diamonds do. 

 2. Catbird

This eco-friendly jewelry brand creates delicate jewelry from recycled materials. All jewelry that they create is handmade in New York City. Catbird is passionate about supporting living wages and contributes 1% of their annual sales to different charities around the world. 

3. Soko

Soko is a brand based in San Francisco, California that believes in Artisan empowerment through globally connected technology. By working with 2,100 Entrepreneurs all around the world, Soko helps these artisans to improve the capacity of their production and increase their income. Soko only works with fair trade jewelry brands!

4. Sandy Leong

Sandy Leong creates each of the pieces in her collection from 18k gold that’s been recycled. All of the diamonds and gemstones that are featured in her jewelry are ethically sourced.

The production of her jewelry collection is out of New York City. Sandy Leong only works with manufacturers that offer transparency, so you can expect the pieces that are unique and high-quality! 

5. Ten Thousand Villages

Based in Akron, Pennsylvania, Ten Thousand Villages has been involved in the fair trade industry for over 70 years. Many other jewelry brands point towards Ten Thousand Villages for laying the groundwork for sustainability in the jewelry industry for developing countries around the world. 

With Ten Thousand Villages, you can find that they create employment opportunities and empowerment for underprivileged people all around the world. They work with workshops and small-scale groups that support artisans that use local materials to create the work.

Finding the Best Eco Friendly Jewelry Brands

We hope that you have found some eco friendly jewelry brands that you absolutely love in this list and maybe even snag a couple of pieces for yourself! Finding eco-friendly brands that are honest about their sustainability is difficult, but you can be sure to trust all of these above-listed brands!  

Are you interested in finding other eco-friendly brands that you can bring into your lifestyle? Check out our blog to learn more!