Green Building

Are you curious about the best innovations that can help you make your building a greener one? Sustainability and urban planning are more important than ever.

Keep reading to learn about innovations that can make your building greener. Make sure you’re doing your part to lower your carbon footprint by investing in these top sustainable additions for green buildings. 

Alternative Energy Sources 

A great place to start when trying to make you’re building a bit greener is to consider switching to more sustainable energy sources. Renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and grids, are a great way to cut down on using fossil fuels. This is also a great return on investment, as the money you save on your energy bills will have your solar unit paid off in no time. 

Greener Lighting Options 

In a large building, it’s likely you use a lot of different lighting. Luckily, there are tons of ways you can go greener with your lighting. For example, LED lighting is an incredibly cost-effective way to go greener and offers a quick payback period.  

LED lights also last much longer than your traditional lightbulbs, which can lower your replacement rate. LED lights also give off less warmth, allowing you to save on your air conditioning bill. Utilizing daylight is the best way to get natural lighting that is both pleasant and energy-efficient. 

Consider adding large windows and skylights wherever possible for some extra lighting. Installing occupancy sensor lighting controls can also help you cut down on wasting lighting in places that are not being used. These panels don’t take up much space and will act as an automated lightswitch. 

This allows you to avoid leaving lights on when people forget to turn them off. Some may have dimming systems, allowing them to turn on bright when there is no natural lighting in the room, and then dimming when there is. 

Sustainable Building Systems and Operations 

When you’re thinking about ways to make your building greener, think about the structure but also the operations that keep the building functional. There are green services you can hire such as a green pest inspection company or cleaning service that can use greener supplies to make your office a safer, less hazardous, and more sustainable space. There are additional programs you may consider such as composting and recycling programs. 

This allows those within your building to contribute towards practicing more sustainable habits. This is especially helpful in a building that is a workplace, as you may have tons of employees that are contributing to your building’s waste. 

Green Buildings: Innovations You Can Use to Make Your Building Greener 

If you are wondering how to make your building greener, think of using these sustainable technologies and habits to do so. Green buildings help to limit waste, cut down on using fossil fuels, and use energy in a way that is better for the environment. Do your part to save the planet by considering implementing some of these green building innovations. 

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