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The current push for greener living is an important part of our way of life. It should also be relevant for those dealing with a rodent infestation. There are many environmental sustainability examples we can use to kill rodents.

Rodents invade the homes of about twenty-nine percent of Americans. These creatures are dangerous because they cause many health issues. These include spreading salmonella, triggering allergies, jaundice, and asthma.

Unfortunately, most of the available solutions are bad for the environment. That’s because companies use bad pesticides, which cause diseases and harm the environment.

Keep reading to discover environmental sustainability examples that will clear your rodent problem.

Rodent-Killing Environmental Sustainability Examples

Aside from dangerous diseases, rodents cause other damages to your home. For instance, they chew into your furniture and your wire insulation. They also contaminate your food and cause structural defects to your home.

Yet, it is not wise to use common pesticides to fight these vermin. Here are better environmental sustainability examples you can use:

1. Use a Natural Rodent Deterrent

You can use different concoctions to deter rodents from entering your home. You can do this by making a spray repellent using natural ingredients. The most popular one is using peppermint oil.

Take a cup of water, a teaspoon of peppermint oil, and some rubbing alcohol. Mix them. Then, spray the mixture to areas where rodents will try to go through. The smell of peppermint repels the rodents.

Another idea is to dip cotton balls in peppermint oil. Place these in areas where you think the rodents frequent.

Other sprays you can try are wintergreen and ammonia. Rodents hate these smells.

2. Set a Trap

Set a trap using a drum and some peanut butter. Once the rodents enter the drum, they won’t be able to get out. You can then take them outside and release them away from your home.

3. Seal Your Home

Go around your home sealing any potential entry points for rodents. Plug any holes and use chicken wire to block spaces on door joints. Rodents can enter through very tiny holes.

Check for any damages or chewed up areas where these vermin can enter. Get a handyman to fix these areas.

Remember to clear any food remnants off the floors. Keep your kitchen clean and cover the trashcans. This will limit the pests’ food sources.

4. Hire a Green Pest Control Company

A better solution is to hire a green pest control company. These experts will wipe out your rodent infestation in an environmentally-friendly way. The most important thing is they won’t use dangerous poisons and pesticides.

Companies skilled in rodent abatement will destroy any rodent nesting areas. They’ll clear them from the perimeter of your home in a humane way. Last, they’ll install a control wire to make sure these pests don’t have a way back into your home.

5. Consider Owning a Cat or a Rat Terrier Dog

Cats or rat terrier dogs will hunt any rodents in your home. Their presence will prevent infestations. For instance, rodents hate cat urine due to the ammonia. Thus, they will stay away from your home.

Learn More About Green Living and Sustainable Energy

The environmental sustainability examples above will keep rodents out of your home. Make sure you cover the garbage cans outside your home. Keep your yard clean and trimmed as well. Using many of these combinations will keep rodents at bay.

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