woman riding bike instead of driving car

Sometimes driving your car may seem more like a chore than a luxury. You know it isn’t doing anything good for the earth and is only costing you more money than anything.

But how can you get away with having no car? Maybe you’ve tried living without your car before but just couldn’t do it. Give it another shot!

Keep reading for five ways to stop relying on your car so much and help to contribute to this eco-friendly trend.

1. Try More Local Spots

The obvious alternative to not using your car anymore would be to just walk everywhere. Depending on where you live that may not be the easiest thing to do.

Instead of going to places that are miles away from your house you should try more local shops and restaurants near your house that are within walking distance. Walking is a great way to reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep and energizes you. If you are able to walk to most places, then this is a great alternative to driving.

2. Try Public Transportation

There are many cities that offer great public transportation such as buses or subways. If your city offers these, then this could be a great alternative to driving a car every day.

Taking public transportation can be much more relaxing than driving in hectic traffic and it will give you more free time since you are not the one driving. You also will save time by not having to look for a parking spot when going somewhere.

3. Try a Fat Tire eBike

A fat tire eBike is the latest and greatest new trend on how to get around. They are great for offroad riding but also work very well for daily riding. They have an onboard motor so you don’t have to worry about the tires higher rolling resistance.

Besides looking a tad bit unusual, eBikes are great for getting around if you do not want to drive a car. There are plenty of fat tire eBikes out there but you should check these fat tire bikes out and decide on one that fits all of your needs.

4. Try Setting Goals for Yourself

For the majority of people, it won’t always be easy to cut driving out of your life cold turkey. You should try making short term and long term goals for yourself to try to cut down on driving time.

You can start by deciding on one day a week where you will not drive your car and then continue to get better and better as time goes on.

5. Remember to Enjoy It

You may not realize it now but being forced in your car every day might be causing you more stress than good. No one likes long car rides in traffic and eliminating those could help you out big time.

Remember to enjoy the time you’re not driving your car especially if you’ve decided to walk or bike instead. Driving is easy but you may be shocked to find out that the alternatives are much better for you.

No Car, No Problems

Try giving up your car and you may actually be surprised that it is better for you and the environment. Many people don’t realize the stress that they go through by having to drive their car every day.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of no car, you should read our other blog posts on how to make your life more eco-friendly in other ways.