On January 1st, 1954 Carl Betz drew this circuit from memory after visiting Moray’s lab and seeing patent drawings that were never filed.


The circuit that you see here is a high voltage circuit. The radiant energy detector is nothing more or less than a high voltage diode. Energy received from the ambient background is prevented from returning to the antenna. The result is that the high voltage capacitors become charged. The negatively charge elements of the oscillator tubes attract radon gas. This gas decays to lead-210 emitting beta particles (electrons). Once a certain voltage threshold is reached oscillation occurs and the high voltage is stepped down to a lower high frequency current. Excess energy results from the beta decay and a fusion reaction that takes place within the oscillator tubes.

Light bulbs work excellent on high frequency but the frequency must be lowered to operate heaters and motors. It is believed that T. H. Moray accomplished this with a submultiple generator. This submultiple generator circuit fits Moray’s description of how he lowered the high frequency that the radiant energy device generated. We know that the final stage outputted 6,000-cycle power. This tells us that the radiant energy device was generating power at 6,000,000 cycles (6MHz).

The circuit stages that lowered the high frequency is not to be confused with the power generating circuit shown in the above 1954 drawing.


Nikola Tesla was not referring to so-called atomic energy or nuclear energy but to the energy that is continually bombarding the Earth from outer space. Call it cosmic, or what one will. p. 1… 4th edition, Sea of Energy.

Electrons are spontaneously being emitted from the nuclei found in Nature. Every new discovery on the subject bears out the claim that all “space” is filled with energy containing millions of amperes at very high voltages. p. 89… 4th edition, Sea of Energy.

In reference to electrons, neutrons, protons and ions: It is my theory, in using these terms, that they are the energy of the Universe. p. 17, 3rd edition, Sea of Energy.

This energy, or as Dr. Moray explains it, these oscillations of energy, are picked up by the device through the oscillators, or neutron bombardment. p. 8… 3rd edition, Sea of Energy.

My device oscillates because of the oscillations of the Universe caused by the disintegration of matter. p. 18… 3rd edition, Sea of Energy.

Cosmic rays are constantly creating radioactive carbon. The fusion of small atoms together to make larger ones gives off more energy than so-called “splitting” of the larger uranium or plutonium atoms. The uranium energy release ratio is only 1 to 1000 – that is only 1/1000 of the heavy atoms are changed in the uranium “atom splitting” process of the atomic pile. p. 60… 2nd edition, Sea of Energy.

The facts are the same in both the radio receiving set and this device. The nature of the mechanism, however, in one differs greatly from the other. The radio receiving set receives transmitted energy waves out of the air and transposes them into sound waves. The R.E. device receives oscillations from the Universe, and transposes them into electricity. p. 13… 2nd edition, Sea of Energy.