Earth Energy

Space Energy Receiver

This article deals with a device known as the Markovich which was developed in the late 1970’s by John Markovich. There has since then been a few rumors that the device was a fraud and batteries were used, however in

Prentice Electrical Power Accumulator Patent

My invention relates to improvements in ELECTRICAL POWER ACCUMULATORS and like, wherein the earth acting as rotor and the surrounding air as a stator, collects the energy thus generated by the earth rotating on its axis, utilises the same for

The Surging Sounds of The Universe

A Gift from Mr. Calvin Bahlmann Several years’ back a multi band radio was purchased by Mr. Calvin Bahlmann, however, the reception not being good he erected a long wire antenna for better reception. The antenna was set up so

Earth’s Charge

Air, a mixture of gases, is largely composed of nitrogen and oxygen. It is generally considered as insulator, and would be an excellent one if all the oxygen and nitrogen molecules were in the neutral state. However, the air is

Emergency Power from Atmospheric Static Electricity

Emergency Power – Survival Style What would you say if I told you it is possible to build an effective simple battery charger for an emergency backup battery that is cheap, has no moving parts, has no generator, works day

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