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Zero Point Energy Debunked

This Universe by Prof Yash Pal  Professor Yash Pal clears up the misconception about Zero-Point Energy. This is not to say that other energy sources that can’t be harnessed. We only need to get our science straight and stop chasing

Old Moray letters

September 14, 1927 Dear Judd: Just a note to let you know that we have arrived safely. I appreciate your courtesy in showing me about the city and for all the things which you did for me while I was

Econuclear system

Circuit design: The main purpose is design a circuit for discharge a condensers bank for tap energy in the nuclear reaction performed in a pure carbon rod with the following dimensions: Length = 60 millimeters Diameter = 6 millimeters Then, the

The formula to solve cold fusion

Perreault’s Cold Fusion Formula Perreault’s Cold Fusion Formula goes as follows: 78Pt^196+1H^2(deuterium)–>78Pt197+1H^1; 78Pt^197(18 hr. half life) –> 79Au197+thermal energy. This formula shows the reaction of what has been called “cold fusion.” The effects of this reaction was stumbled on by

Burridge notes about Moray

Note on Moray: According to Mr. Robert Staley, Hollywood, Moray first got the idea for his Radiant Energy device from his Telephone experience. Moray noted, several times while listening in on the lines, a rhythmic hum, which seemed to vary

Going beyond the Curies

by Bruce A. Perreault The residues of the uranium extraction process were discarded as valueless for years until the discovery of radium by Madame Curie. In her analysis of the radioactive constituents of pitchblende, the ore was first fused with

Radiant Energy Defined

Professor Langley showed that out of the total amount of radiation coming from the Sun, only 19% is represented by the visible portion of the spectrum. Is there only one kind of energy radiated from the sun–light, heat and chemical

Harnessing Cosmic Energy

Contents: Atmospheric Electricity, The Wireless Telegraphic Connection, Moray’s Circuitry, Early Demonstrations, My Radiant Energy Research, Ion Valve Technology Explained, Edwin Gray’s Energy System, Treatise on Matter & Energy, Alpha Fusion, The Truth About Nuclear Science, and Hermann Plauson’s Patent… plus


By Reginald Jaynes, Ph.D. E.E. The purpose of this paper is to provide a brief explanation of the calculations of nuclear energies in the patent entitled “ALPHA FUSION ELECTRICAL ENERGY VALVE” by Bruce Perreault. The device claims to get at

Review of International Conference on Future Energy

As public concern grows over the environmental impact of our energy sources, scientists and policy makers are racing to develop newer, cleaner energy sources. Currently, our dependence on petroleum-based energy is hurting both the economy and our ecosystem. In most

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