Note on Moray:

According to Mr. Robert Staley, Hollywood, Moray first got the idea for his Radiant Energy device from his Telephone experience. Moray noted, several times while listening in on the lines, a rhythmic hum, which seemed to vary in loudness. It began with a loud note, the next of which was less, and soon on diminishing until it faded out in seven pulses. Having been a Morman missionar, in his early manhood in the Near East, and having studied some of the ancient philosophies, Moray, put the two and two, together, and began looking for means to capture this very evident surge of power. Staley says Moray accomplished it through the use of an electrical valve, or tube, similar to radio tubes, only these are cold tubes, that is they have no electrically heated filiment which furnishes the means of the ion passage between elements making up the tube, In stead, Moray uses radio.-active materials which provide the ‘carrying’ means and which are adapted to the rythms of the energy sought. Moray’s device, through proper relationships of ‘capacitors’ or electrical condensers, and ‘inductances’, or coils of insulated wire, is ‘tuned to the frequency of the Radiant energy waves.

Thus, they are captured, held, and transformed into a high frequency electricity which can be used to light ordinary incandescent bulbs, heat irons or other heating devices, but which will not run ordinary electric motors because of the high frequency of the current. Motors must bee especially constructed to run on this sort of current. There is some question as to how efficient such motors can be made. Moray was a student of Tesla’s. All Moray’s work was done after Tesla’s great experiments, ending in 1906, at Colorado Springs. Staley does not know whether Moray was ever an employee of Tesla’s or not, nor does he know whether Moray may have been in close correspondence with Tesla at any time, or not. As far as this writer knows, no direct contact between Moray and Tesla has been established. However, I do know that Moray, in letters to me, has showed considerable interest in Tesla and Tesla’s work, having indicated there were several of Tesla’s writings he (Moray) would be interested in procuring.

Staley claims to have presented Morays theories end accomplishments to a group headed by Kettering of General Motors, They, were afraid of it. Staley also told me he presented the whole flatter to Presiden Roosevelt, where again, nothing come of it. Staley feels there is a possibility that some of – if not all – parts of Moray’s concepts may have ‘leaked’ to foreign agents, from what has developed since concerning ‘red activity’ inside the Government. Staley says he has been questioned by the F.B.I, in connection with Moray’s work and his (Staley’s) effort to get Roosevelt going on it, Staley thinks Moray ‘has it’. He also thinks Moray is now ‘playing with’ some foreign power in connection with it. This, he (Staley) believes will be disastrous for Moray and for the U.S. also.