Eco-Friendly Home

Chances are you own one or two reusable tote bags. These bad boys can be great for carrying food when you want to ditch grocery bags!

But your eco-friendly actions shouldn’t end with a reusable grocery tote! There has to be easy ways to bring that eco-friendly energy into your home too, right?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to create a greener home! Most of them are pretty easy, and they often will help you save some many too!

Keep reading below to learn five simple ways you can build your own eco-friendly home!

1. Building a Green Kitchen

If you’re designing a new kitchen, be strategic with your fridge placement. A fridge uses more energy to keep its contents cool if it’s under sunlight. Tuck your fridge away in a shady corner to save energy.

Instead of tossing those food scraps, build a compost barrel or pile in your yard. You can use the compost as fertilizer in your yard.

Ditch the plastic water bottles in favor of a reusable stainless steel bottle. Cut down on Tupperware by switching to reusable beeswax food wraps. You can even make these clever food wraps yourself at home!

2. Creating an Eco-Friendly Home with Laundry Hacks

If doing laundry is your favorite chore, you’ll be happy to hear there’s plenty of ways to make it eco-friendly!

First, ditch the dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls are reusable long-lasting alternatives that provide the same function!

If you can ditch the dryer altogether, switch to line-drying. It may take a little longer, but your clothes will come out just as dry, and you’ll be using less electricity!

3. Using Water Wisely

It’s easy to waste water, but there are plenty of ways to conserve and reuse this resource!

About 90% of a washer’s energy goes toward hot-water heating. Cut out this waste in energy entirely by washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot. Make sure you’re always running full loads too!

Reusing water is also an excellent way to create an eco-friendly home. Set up buckets to collect rainwater, and use it to water your garden during the summer. You can also reuse shower water for watering house plants!

Speaking of showers, they use considerably less water than a bath. Unless you’re washing up young children, opt for a shower over a bath to save water!

4. Making the Switch to Solar Energy

If you’re looking for clean energy, you might be asking yourself, “Are there solar companies near me?” 

Solar panels are a worthwhile investment if you want to make the switch to clean energy. It’s the most abundant energy source available.

Plus, you may even have the opportunity to sell excess energy back to the grid. The average price of solar panels has dropped by nearly 50% since 2014, so there’s never been a better time to invest!

5. Hone Your Green Thumb

Perhaps the easiest way to create an eco-friendly home is by creating a vegetable and fruit garden. You’ll save money on produce and lower your carbon footprint with each grocery store trip you avoid.

Adding houseplants, such as a spider plant, will help purify your home’s air. You can also help your local habitat by planting native species when landscaping your yard!

Creating a Cleaner World

Building an eco-friendly home is an easy way to ensure a brighter future for our planet. The tips above can help you start building your own green home today!

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