benefits of solar panels

Ever wondered if shifting to solar energy helps you save money or the environment?

It’s always advertised but how many people do you know who use it?

That points out a sad reality. We’re quite far from reaching our goals in curbing greenhouse gas emissions. As a matter of fact, the things we do in the coming five years will significantly impact ocean levels for the next 300 years.

Knowing the benefits of solar panels has never been as important as today. What we do now to cut greenhouse gas emissions will have such a tremendous effect on our planet. Science tells us the repercussions go beyond what we previously imagined.

Fortunately, the benefits of solar panels are astounding.

Want to provide a safer world for yourself and generations yet to come? Read on to learn how solar panels can save the environment and improve the quality of lives globally.

Limitless Reliable Energy

One of the top benefits of solar panels is their ability to provide renewable energy. The sun isn’t going anywhere for countless of generations to come.

Furthermore, our neighboring star produces a massive amount of solar energy per second. How massive? 173,000 terawatts of energy.

To put it in context, the sun emits over 10,000 times the planet’s entire combined energy use per second. The number is so mind-boggling, it’s a wonder people still tap into other energy sources, especially those that harm our world.

Fossil fuels, on the other hand, are non-renewable energy. The day will come when the earth will simply run out of fossil fuels. Efforts to locate and extract more of this energy source will be costly.

No prudent man would wait until the fossil fuel runs out before switching to renewable solar energy. Waiting too long will lead to irreparable damage to the environment.

Clean Air, Must Care

The leading cause of global warming and worsening air quality is the harmful methane emissions and carbon dioxide. These pollutants come from fossil fuels, which are unfortunately the most common energy source employed by humans.

The statistics speaking about air pollution trends around the world don’t paint a pretty picture. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports 4 out of every 5 residents of cities measured in the study are currently experiencing air pollution exceeding WHO recommendations.

When we generate electricity using solar panels, we don’t produce any greenhouse gas. We’re talking zero emission.

Right now, the solar capacity installed all over the United States combats up to 16.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. Thanks to solar panels, we’re taking big steps in the right environmental direction.

Fresh Water for Everyone

The benefits of solar panels don’t just stop at providing cleaner air. Our planet’s bodies of water will also reap much-needed benefits from solar energy.

Water is necessary for all manufacturing processes. But did you know solar photovoltaic cells don’t require water to produce electricity?

This is a huge benefit provided by using solar panels, one that more people should know about but don’t.

Natural gas and coal power plants, along with other traditional geothermal and biomass power plants, contribute plenty of water pollution. These energy-sources need a tremendous amount of water to meet crucial cooling requirements.

These power plants then put pressure on local water supplies used for drinking, agriculture and other important requirements.

The grass is greener on the side of solar energy. Solar energy requires no water whatsoever. When we use solar panels, we avoid polluting water resources in our locality and beyond.

Every Home Can Contribute

You don’t have to operate a large solar farm replacing a greenhouse gas-emitting coal power plant to make a difference. A small home that runs on solar energy while providing shelter for the average family can make a huge impact.

In a standard 4 kW home solar power system, it’s easy to offset approximately 200,000 pounds of CO2 emission during the next 25 years. Let’s put this in context again: this is like planting over 2,300 trees.

The larger the home running on solar energy, the larger the offsetting. A bigger house offsetting almost 180 tons of carbon dioxide during the next three decades conserves plenty.

And what do we mean by plenty? A larger home running on solar energy calculates to the equivalent of planting trees on 10 football fields, conserving water you can fit into roughly 7 Olympic-sized swimming pools, and avoiding driving your car for almost 400,000 miles.

We have an entire section on our site dedicated to providing free tips on putting together an eco-friendly home.

Savings and Less Grid Demand

Each person using electricity puts a strain on the grid. Another one of the numerous benefits of solar panels is less grid demand. The positive effects are two-fold.

First, homes that generate solar power eases the load on the grid. This means the grid won’t have to exert as much effort to meet our electricity demands. You can then expect a reduced number of blackouts or brownouts.

Second, the amount on your electricity bill will dip. Not only that, if you produce more electricity than you consume, the surplus will get absorbed by the grid. If your system connects to the grid, you can enjoy bonus payments for the surplus amount.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Panels

In our efforts to curb greenhouse gas emission, no efforts are too small and nobody is too insignificant.

Equip your home and reap the benefits of solar panels today.

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