Clean Earth, Clean Mind: 5 Psychological Benefits of Being More Eco-Friendly

Do you know how much food you waste? If you are like most Americans, you might be shocked to know you probably waste about a pound a day.

Food, plastic use, and general trash are large problems due to their impact on the environment. Simple changes in daily life can make massive impacts.

Curious about some of the mental health benefits of going green? You’re in luck. Keep reading below for five awesome benefits you can have by caring for the environment!

1. Improved Health

One aspect of going green is improved health. Some of the physical benefits are obvious: walking is better than driving everywhere and eating vegetables is better than processed food.

But going green can also impact your mental health. As you physically feel healthier, your mind will become clearer and you will be happier.

Knowing you are taking care of your health will decrease your stress and anxiety. It will also lead to more positive thinking.

2. Benefits of Going Green: Contributing to the Greater Good

As we take actions to decrease our impact on the planet, we are more mindful of the community in general. The more we pay attention to the community and the planet, the more we become part of it.

Being part of something bigger than ourselves and our day to day life creates a strong sense of purpose and worth.

3. Power in Knowledge

Being eco-friendly will teach you a ton of information about the environment and sustainable practices. It can be overwhelming sifting through the information that is available everywhere.

Knowing about climate change can make you feel helpless. But living a green life is one way to take ownership and do your part.

Learning skills like growing gardens, collecting rainwater, or making your own cleaning supplies will make you more self-confident. Knowing you can rely on yourself for basic needs is an amazing feat.

4. Decrease Stress Levels

As you work to reduce your impact on the environment, you will also begin to appreciate nature more. Many people find spending time in nature dramatically decreases stress levels.

Nature forces people to slow down and appreciate the little things, including calming silence.

5. Embrace Minimalism

We aren’t talking about the “I own one outfit and no home decor” type of minimalism. We just mean only taking and using what you and your family need.

Living within your means is an amazing goal to strive for.

Part of taking only what you need also means you can live a more organized life.

Do Your Part for the Environment

It’s clear that there are many reasons to care for the environment and be mindful of how you consume resources. The benefits of going green are vast, especially with mental health.

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