Do “free energy” devices require radiation?

Author wishes to remain anonymous

It is becoming apparent to me that it is quite possible that all of the free energy devices of the past that we have heard, read and researched about, that produces usable real power for everyday use, must of had some component or element to it that contained or was exposed to radioactivity or radioactive elements.

If this is true it probably is also the reason why replication is impossible without knowing that the device contained radioactive material, or was required to be exposed to radioactive material. Especially if this fact was purposely kept secret or suppressed.

This raises a number of important questions that encompasses all facets of the research we do in the present world we live in.

Is it a waist of time, effort and money, researching theories and devices that do not have links with radioactivity when your goal is to make a device that produces real useable power? (Please remember that radioactivity is an electrical phenomenon)

We all know that radioactive decay can be directly converted into electricity but you require substantial amounts of it. Can small amounts of radioactivity be used on other elements or components in a specific device to cause those elements or components to generate a large quantity of energy? Pulsing with an electrostatic field or magnetic field may be required.

Is it possible that the indoctrinated hysteria behind radioactivity is perpetually kept at high levels by the powers that be so that experimentation with harmless radioactive substances, with regards to energy production, would not be conducted?

Is the availability of relatively harmless radioactive substances to the private researcher kept purposely out of reach to prevent free energy from getting into the hands of the public and as a result, loss in revenue to the power & oil companies and also to the governments ability to control you?

Please remember that uranium ore is a natural substance that is present all around the world naturally and is mined and converted for use in terrible things such as nuclear bombs and nuclear reactors which produce shocking waste products for the environment.

What if we could take this natural and harmless uranium ore and place it in our free energy devices without converting it to anything terrible. We would no longer have any need for nuclear reactors. Third world and poorer nations would have free power and there would be less threat of war and needing to defend ourselves with nuclear weapons.

It seems to me that this would be a better safer option for the environment and humanity.

But somehow I don’t think the powers that be would like this idea. When you think about it, to change the world like this now would be like taking every dollar, from the people in power, and converting it to one watt of energy in your free energy device. I think that’s how they see it anyway, and that’s all they care about.