The market for window tinting is expected to nearly double in the next decade as demand increases. That is because tinting isn’t just for cars any longer as residential homes and commercial spaces take up 58% of the industry. 

If you ever thought about tinting your car to make it cooler, consider using this technology in your home to reap the many benefits. 

Read on to discover the 7 benefits of window tinting your home. 

1. Reduce Energy Costs

You’ve done everything to save energy in your home, from solar panels to green appliances. What you may not know is that having tinted windows helps block the heat in the summer and retains it during the winter. The dark reflective tint repels the sun’s rays so you don’t always need to close the shades to keep your home cool.

You can enjoy the view and keep cool by tinting your windows and ditching the isolating need for curtains. You can even get a tax credit similar to solar panels.

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2. Protect Your Skin

Window tint for house windows doesn’t just block out the heat. They also create a shield against damaging UV rays. 

You don’t want to apply sunscreen or wear long sleeves just to sit by the window or enjoy your sunroom. Apply a tint to your windows to receive the advantages of the sun without getting burned. 

Tinted windows block up to 90% of UV light so your skin is protected more than with any sunscreen. This will help limit the long-term consequences of direct sun exposure like cancer and premature aging. 

3. Prevent Furniture Damage

Tinting for windows isn’t just great for your skin. It also protects other commodities inside your home: your furniture. 

Sun exposure causes the color to fade and fabric to become weak. This will lead to discolored rugs, chairs, couches, and floors. You’ve invested a lot of time and money to decorate your home, so don’t let the sun slowly ruin your hard work. 

You don’t have to block out the sun. All you need is to remove the UV rays and enjoy the natural light. Stop living in the dark or by artificial light just to protect your belongings. 

4. Add Security and Privacy

When you use spray-on window tint home products you protect your home from intrusion in several ways. The extra layer of tint thickens your window, which makes breaking it more difficult. If the window does break from impact, for example, a ball is thrown through it, then it won’t shatter like a regular window. It will break into larger and safer pieces. 

Adding tint on windows where you want extra privacy like a bedroom or bathroom prevents people on the outside from looking in. Use this feature in any window where you prefer to look out but want to block the view from the sidewalk. 

Know if an intruder is trying to break in or take a peek to see who is knocking on your door without the person knowing you are home. 

5. Eliminate Glare

Working on your computer or watching a movie during the day has its drawbacks if you want to let in some natural light. Glare makes the picture distorted and puts a strain on your eyes, which can have long-term effects. 

Avoid getting glasses in the near future by removing the glare with window tinting for your home. Your movie room will be ready without closing the blinds. Plus, you can use your home office any time of the day even when the sun is setting right on the horizon.

6. Create Stronger Windows

You won’t have to make the expensive switch to double-pane glass or hurricane windows to protect your home during turbulent weather. Tinted windows serve a second purpose of reinforcing your windows without replacing them. 

Not only does tinting prevent shattering, it also makes your windows last longer by avoiding scratches, cracks, and smudges. The tint acts as a shield, adding longevity to your windows. 

Another great benefit to tinted windows is that it’s much easier to install than a whole new window and frame. You can apply a film using a squeegee or a spray tint to quickly cover windows. Or you can simply hire a professional service to apply your tint if you have many windows to cover. 

7. Offers a Cool Decorative Feature

There are many decorative styles and features to choose from for your tinted windows. You can choose a range of shades, anti-glare options, and UV-protection levels. The mirrored feature allows your windows to be completely reflective on the outside, ensuring 100% privacy. 

Window tints also come in a variety of decals and frosted designs. Add interest to your window with a border or frosted lines to block half of the window from view. These styles make your home look expensive, luxurious, and designer. 

So, your home not only stays cool it also as a modern aesthetic.

Maintaining the Benefits of Window Tinting

To continue the benefits of window tinting for years to come you must properly care for them. Use a non-chemical cleaner like vinegar mixed with water or a mild soap. Also, avoid using abrasive scrubs. A soft cotton cloth will keep your tint like new. If you maintain your tint they can last at least 10-15 years before needing a replacement. 

Now that your home is ready for a glare-free cinema night, visit our Movie section for our top flicks.