Inventors Beware! The Deadly Campaign Against Free-Energy Devices

by Erik Masen

A Personal Brush With Big Brother

I checked in at the Sheraton Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on a Thursday morning in July for the Tesla Extraordinary Science Conference. It was attended by 400 interested scientists, corporate execs, small business owners-and at least six CIA agents. I happened to be looking over the shoulder of one agent when, in the process of paving his registration fee, he exposed his gold CIA badge. After completing his registration, he turned to talk to another man who was seen throughout the conference taking videos of everything and everyone.

The individual who had shown his badge posed as a floor-covering representative; last year he impersonated an M.D. The video cameraman had a biology background and worked for a company in Connecticut that transports high-risk or unique cargo. He was seen talking with another possible CIA video man. When someone asked the “floor-covering rep” whether he were CIA, he flashed the small CIA pin under his lapel, as required by law.

An interesting incident related to Bruce Perreault’s presentation of T. Henry Moray’s advanced radiant-energy device. Airport security would not allow Perreault to bring the device with him on the plane; they were “afraid” it had a radioactive tube, which it did not. When his plane stopped in Kansas City, CIA and security agents made sure he didn’t have the tube with him. The tube he used at the conference had only mercury inside. Unable to actually perform his demonstration on Saturday, Perreault asked John Moreland to fill in information that he had accumulated in years past. Moreland suggested that he had been threatened by the CIA if he made the technology known. Afterwards, he said he revealed about 80 percent of it.

Monday morning, two other alleged CIA agents were seen sitting at a table in the hotel restaurant, next to Kevin Bergman, a bright, young mining expert who gave a presentation on a unique, potentially over-unity motor-generator. The “agents” listened very carefully to Kevin’s conversation with investors and took notes.

When asked why he continually refuses to make a presentation at the annual Tesla conference, another prominent inventor answered, “It is infiltrated by the CIA.”

Incidentally, the O.S.S. (forerunner of the CIA) kept track of Tesla’s technology; today, Tesla’s work on particle acceleration is the basis for advanced particle-beam weaponry, which is being developed by the United States in the black budget Star Wars program.

How You Can Help

Readers: Write your legislators; let them know what is going on. Tell them we need this revolutionary technology developed worldwide including in the United States, to keep Mother Earth from deteriorating faster than she is now.

Inventors: Do not make sensational claims on television or radio or in newspapers-even local ones-about your breakthroughs. Keep them quiet if you want them (and yourself) to survive’ Do not antagonize the oil or nuclear cartels by making statements that your technology will put them out of business. It is going to take a long time to make even a dent in oil imports or nuclear power-plant replacements.

Erik Masen holds a master’s degree in environmental science and engineering. He has been researching new energy technologies since 1992 and has attended many related conventions. He uses his networking contacts to find funding and technical support for inventors.