Over Unity Concepts

Theoretical Self-Sustaining Permanent Magnet Motor

Self-sustaining permanent magnet motor by anonymous inventor 1) The armature type semicircle magnet’s polarity is opposed to the polarity of the outer face of magnets on the rotor. The schematic provided, if followed, should provide the necessary platform for the

Electrical Energy Amplifier

Experiment on Magnetic Roto Amplification from ARK Research Today I took from storage a DEC 10 power supply ferroresonant transformer DEC 16-1491 rev D (part number ) used 1200v 22.5 uF capacitor in the resonant coil (ac primary input 117V

Tim Harwood’s No Load Electric Generator

No load electric generator These no load windings are designed for use with permanent magnet motors. The Lenz repulsion field created by the flowing current in the generator windings is approximately balanced by the rotor magnet’s attraction to the core

Generator Driven by a Buoyancy engine

The Production of Electricity by a Generator Driven by a Buoyancy engine by denis alan de Shon| 7242 Seven Oaks Avenue | Baton Rouge, LA 70806 | [225] 923-1233 | [email protected] Working Title: Buoyant Power My name is denis alan

Exotic power wheels

Calvin Bahlmann’s Power Wheel Amended version of a presentation given at exotic research conference in Mesa Arizona July 26, 1998, by Calvin Bahlmann owner & research director WIMHURST * THESTA-DISTATICA * POWER WHEEL This paper discusses the development of energy

Garabed T. K. Giragossian Free Energy Fraud

Garabed T. K. Giragossian earnestly asserts that he has discovered an engine, a ‘free energy generator,’ which will actually perform the miracles of the Arabian Nights and will quite completely revolutionize the world’s affairs and lift civilization to a higher

Over-unity Skeptical FAQs

Strange Machines: Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Why don’t electrical perpetual motion machines work? Electrical perpetual motion machinists usually present a machine that causes a small battery to generate a huge amount of power. The most common problem here is that

Edwin Gray’s Missing Patent Application

Edwin Gray’s Missing Patent Application Download PDF version of this patent

Edwin Gray’s Energy System

Excerpted From “Radiant Energy Power Generation” Millennium Edition, Revised and Expanded Thomas H. Moray invented a high efficiency 6,000-hertz power supply. It turns out that Edwin Gray’s power supply also produced this same frequency. Gray claimed that electrical equipment such

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